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A lot of people are asking about this drama, VICTOR MAGTANGGOL. When the first trailer and poster released by GMA many parodies, bashers and ridiculous comments had gone viral. When it premiered last June 30 on Networks Telebabad line up replacing The Cure, many interpretation about the story that GMA copied the movie THOR.

Actually, it's not even Thor at all!

Last Sunday, August 19, in line with Kadayawan Festival 2018 celebration, a GMA Blogcon was held at Rekado together with #TeamDDI and Kapuso Brigade with the cast of Victor Magtanggol.

During the blogcon, we are given a 30 minute privilege to interview each one from the cast. A table talk happened, starting with Kristofer Martin a.k.a Lance E. Regalado.

Davao Digital Influencers Inc (TeamDDI) together with Kristofer Martin

Kristofer showed off his dedication to his craft as he opened up about the sacrifices he made to prepare about his role in the drama.

"Doing Lance character is not that easy, but because of GMA proper training and workshop I get develop easily through the character". ~ said by Kristofer Martin 
Me & Kristofer

Move to the next character, Percival "Perci" Domingo played by Dion Ignacio.

In this drama, he is the brother-in-law of Victor who will discover something about Victor's secret.

Davao Digital Influencers Inc (TeamDDI) together with Dion Ignacio

When asked if given a chance, what superpower would you choose and why?

"I choose to have a superpower "AIR", because Victor has an inland power, maybe I could help Victor to fight his battle with my air power like a storm or a maze." ~ said Dion Ignacio
Me & Dion

Andrea Torres one of the lead cast appeared to be overwhelmed during this chat. She did not expect the positive outcome of their TV Drama to the Dabawenyos.

Playing a dual role - Sif and Ms. S that will trained and help Victor against Loki.

Davao Digital Influencers Inc (TeamDDI) together with Andrea Torres

I barely know this guy but he is so warm and kind, Pancho Magno.

Another lead cast who played the role Modi, son of Thor and step-brother of Victor.

Davao Digital Influencers Inc (TeamDDI) together with Pancho Magno

Lastly, know other than Victor "Hammerman" Magtanggol itself - Alden Richards.

It is originally titled as Mitho.


Alden played a fantasy role that is not what you think his character is. Is still a part of Norse Mythology, but he's not the Marvel's Thor we think. GMA Network make sure that they have their own story line which was seen in the first episode, so there is no copyright issue or anything like it.

During the blogcon, Alden implies that we must watch the drama from the start to know and think of this as a Filipino versions of Thor, but with more human elements and less of gods.

Davao Digital Influencers Inc (TeamDDI) together with Alden Richards

"It is in a Filipino setting which reflects the Filipino condition". ~ Alden Richards.

Me & Alden Richards

Great story line directed by Dominic Zapata and great costumes too!

Miguel Faustmann bilang Magni, John Estrada bilang Loki, Alden Richards bilang Victor MagtanggolAndrea Torres bilang Sif, at Pancho Magno bilang Modi.


Because they have parts of it similar to the norse diety, and it is based on Norse mythology it still good to watch this show on GMA Network.