#makeITsafePH Let's put an end to Cyber Criminals

You are not safe in the Digital World.

Today, we are extremely dependent on electronic gadgets and we are completely slaves to modern technologies. Though it's a wonderful experience  that there is an increasing rate of technology development, and we are all enjoying the latest and most sophisticated gadgets, it is extremely important to understand and be aware of the fact that we must be careful to protect our digital identities and accounts. There has to be awareness regarding protecting our personal data at all times.

As part of Globe Telecom advocacy in helping promote responsible digital citizenship and how to be safe using internet, #makeITsafePH campaign was born under its CyberPinoy wellness program. The campaign covers all stakeholders such as big corporations, small and medium-scale enterprises, government agencies, colleges and universities, and the general public.

Cybercrime is a criminal activity carried out using computers or the internet. They uses tools like phishing, viruses, spyware, ransomware, and social engineering to break the law.

Prevention will always be our best line of defense against cyber criminals. Who are these Cyber Criminals? These are what we called the fastest rising form of modern crime and two of the common and famous types of cyber criminals are the HACKERS and the SPAMMERS. Let us first define the two:

Hackers are thieves! They first targeted the most vulnerable.

Do you use the same password in all your websites? Do you overshare using your social media accounts? If so, you're a target for cybercriminals.

Hackers usually enter to our account by gaining unauthorized access to our computer system/network. They crack out code in order to steal or destroy something using our account.

SPAMMERS are clowns! They are the annoying comments we usually receive via email, text/SMS messages, Blog Post comment, Social media spamming.

They tend to send us messages thru link that they want us to click on their stuff. But still we must be careful because once you click it this is the way HACKERS can get into your account and steal your identity and take your bank account and everything you've owned.

Though some says, spammers are safe. For me, both Spamming and Hacking are types of Cyber Criminals that must be STOP! #makeITsafePH

Personal Experience with a Hacker

My email was hacked 10 years ago. The hacker access my account for one week before I found out. The hacker read my email messages and corresponded to my list of friends.

I don't know what to do that time, because I am not a techie person and it is my first time to encounter such scenario. I don't know what message the hacker forwarded to my acquaintances, the hacker was deleting the emails from the inbox and sent folder.

My close friends who received one of the messages texted and call me up through phone and ask me if I am the one asking for money for my chemotherapy. When I opened my email, I discovered that the person had forwarded messages not only to my friends but also family, including my aunt. I was devastated and ashamed because I am not sick,  I don't need chemotherapy and I am not asking for money.

My techie friend help me and advice me to change and use a strong password. I am still lucky, that the hacker doesn't harm me. It's like that he/she spammed and hacked my email just to ask for money and seek attention.

Since then, I stop using my first email address and got a new one. I'm also done using email account for personal business. Even though I do use two-step verification, I keep my email limited to professional messages and the occasional message to friends or family. Right now, I have two email accounts: one from Yahoo and the other one is Gmail.


Staying safe in a Digital World can be difficult.

Globe #makeITsafePH Campaign reminds us to stay alert and protect our data effectively. We need to think about our privacy regularly. Especially to industry and government to concentrate on policies, procedures and their enforcement, and for the rest of us to focus on our personal privacy.

Think before you share, to own your online presence, and always be aware of what you're posting. ~ Mr. Russell Schrader , Alliance Executive Director

Difference between Spammers & Hackers