First Day #NIC2018 #EmpoweringCommunities in Davao City (Plenary Session 2 and 3)

Afternoon session, a continuation of the 1st day of #NIC2018 held in Davao City. A nationwide gathering of LGU's, NGO's, Social Media Influencers, Media, Student, etc., a movement that will spur development through citizen engagement in nation building.

Day 1: 19 February 2018, Monday





The Drug Problem in the Philippines


Illegal drug use was a significant problem in the Philippines due to corruption and poor law enforcement. Drug addiction appears to be on the rise in the Philippines, there are believed to be as many as 24,137 or 57.42% in barangays that are drug affected.



Most Commonly Abused Drugs in the Philippines  

Emergence of 17 New Drugs

• New Psychoactive Substances
(Synthetic Cathinone, αPVP, synthetic
cannabinoid, Salvia Divinorum, BZP,
Ketamine, Tramadol)
• Date Rape Drugs (GHB, GBL, Alcohol)
• Recreational Drugs (MDMA, Green
Amore, Green Apple, Fly High)
• Other emerging drugs (WariActiv,

There's an urgent need to educate young people as to how dangers of drug use, and there is also a great need to help those who are already addicted to escape their misery. With proper dissemination of information to the Filipino communities we can STOP illegal drug to rise.

With Duterte Administration, drug problem is properly integrated with a system of planning, implementation and enforcement through activities in every province, city, municipality, and barangays with the active and direct participation of PDEA and ICAD. 


Seized Drugs

  • 2,610.37 kilos of shabu worth Php13.41 billion
  • 1,288 kilos of marijuana worth Php153.03 million
  • 124.29 kilos of cocaine worth Php539.24 million
  • 12,710 pieces of ecstasy tablets worth Php16.15 million

For the #RealNumbersPH Update for Drug Cleared Barangays


PDEA Operational Trust for 2018

1. Cut the supplies of illegal drugs coming from international syndicates by shutting down sea and air entrances/ports.

a. MOA Signing with Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) to deputize PDEA to inspect maritime vessels both domestic and international and inspect public and private ports nationwide.

b. MOA Signing with Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy,
Philippine Coast Guard and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic

c. Establishment of offices in Philippine Ports Authority 13 key seaports.

d. Recruitment of additional Drug Enforcement Officers
(DEOs) to be deployed in Provincial Offices, seaport and

e. Procurement of Logistical Requirements

f. Procurement of 100 Narcotic Detection Dogs (NDDs) or
K9 to be deployed in the country’s major seaports and airports.

g. Conduct regular training's for PDEA Agents, K9 handlers
and Narcotic Detection Dogs (NDDs) for detection of
additional New Psychoactive Substances.

h. Rehabilitation and improvement of K9 facilities

i. Facilitate training's of PDEA Agents in manning x-ray
machines of different local and international couriers’

j. Facilitate training of employees of courier delivery
services in determining illegal drugs such as ecstasy

2. Sustain the momentum of our operations by preventing the resurgence of illegal drugs in the country and prioritizing the arrest of High-Value Targets.

3. Strengthen Financial Investigation

4. Ensure Transparency and Legitimacy of the Conduct of Anti-Drug Operations

5. Strengthen Cooperation with International Counterparts

6. Launching of BALAY SILANGAN and Implementation of Gawad Sagisag ng Tagumpay

7. Active Conduct of Advocacy Campaign

Let us unite and help one another to FIGHT Drug Problem here in our country.

There's a treatment for Drug Addiction in the Philippines under Duterte's Administration and this is with #REHABINASYON. A support group that will help people to rehabilitate themselves and escape their drug addictions.

It's more becoming more common for Filipinos to go abroad to seek the most effective treatment for addictions especially for those who can afford it, but how about the less marginalize people, people who are much affected in drug problems?


REHABINASYON is the Philippine government's all-encompassing campaign against illegal drugs -- from enforcement, justice, rehabilitation and reintegration and advocacy. This is not just to focused on stopping the drug use but also on building a life worth living.




The Duterte Administration recognizes MEDIA'S vital role for sustained developmental communications towards continued economic development and social progress.


Aside from the socio-economic reforms, MEDIA is also an indispensable vehicle for furthering information on other pressing issues such as: POVERTY, NATIONALISM, CRIME PREVENTION, ANTI-CORRUPTION, WAR on DRUGS, and FEDERALISM among others.


Since its creation the Reports Without Borders (RSF) report has downgraded the Philippines, from "most dangerous in the World", a tag we inherited from the past administration to "most dangerous in Asia".

RSF's World Press Freedom Index showed that the Philippines jumped from 138 in 127 in 2017.

Committee To Protect Journalist (CPJ) 10th Annual Global Impunity Index - we improved from the 4th to 5th place.
Red-Flagged several government officials, military and police
officers who have threatened media workers.

All murder cases involving journalists since the PTFoMS was
created have been classified as “SOLVED”.

While RSF claim that four (4) journalists died in 2017 is true, not all of them were killed in the line of duty. Most were slain for reasons not related to their profession as journalists- politics or personal grudges while one was a victim of robbery-homicide. We reiterate, however, that all these cases-- whether work-related or not-- were SOLVED!

Looking Forward:

-VISION 2020 Action Plan - a detailed Program formulated
through a Focus Group Discussion participated in by the
Presidential Task Force on Media Security, Member-Agencies and Media Observers/Resource Persons. (Jan 24, 2018)

This is in line with International Media Support’s (IMS) Five Principles for Developing and Implementing a National Safety Response: Strategy, Presence, Collaboration, Influence, and Sustainability.

Under Vision 2020

- Dirty Politics mixed with
- Corruption and
- Need to promote the highest ethical standards and
professionalism among media workers.

* The Task Force fosters partnerships with UNESCO, AIJC, UNIO, local media groups and other stakeholders to promote the highest ethical standards and professionalism among Media Workers.

Vision 2020 Action Plan

Objective: All cases should be solved ideally, by 2018, but may extend up to year 2020. With all these safety mechanisms effectively in place, there is no reason for us to remain on the danger list. In fact, we are the only country in the world with a clear positive response to the global clamor to protect media workers.

The Philippines is currently no. 5 in the CPJ Global Impunity Index and we should be out by 2020, but this may be doable by 2018 or 2019. The TF will provide the data for CPJ, RSF and other international watchdogs through official diplomatic channels. Our data are factual, substantiated, backed-up by evidence and properly contextualized. We don’t rely on news reports!


- a Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting with the Member-Agencies, Media Observers and Resource Persons created the PTFoMS Protocols, which are sets of specific timelines and action plans designed to institutionalize the best practices in global media security for adoption into our own unique media environment.

-Copies of these protocols will be printed and distributed

With all these programs, the addition of personnel, the budgetary as well as the invaluable support from the dedicated public servants of the Office of the President, our media partners as well as other stakeholders and most importantly, the general public– and as we work together and help each other as a single formidable unit, there is no way we cannot achieve our vision of making the Philippines freer, safer and a much better place for both foreign and local journalists.

You can visit their FACEBOOK PAGE: PTFoMS

Topic: Knowing and Understanding the Media

What people in government think of the media? What reporters tell about people in government? A question ask by Mr. Alamar, a DZMM reporter during the convention.
Wherever part of the world you may be, never before have been so many different ways in which media is used. An ever increasing amount of NEWS and information can be search on websites or through social media channels, as well as the more traditional and established types of media such as radio, television and newspapers. With so much information available, it makes it even more important and challenging for us to use MEDIA to get messages across the audience you want to reach.

MEDIA engagement provide platform and opportunity to raise the profile of the work your organization does. Try to take advantage of the coverage that the news media can offer. The credibility your engagement can bring also to help your organization to be seen as the voice of authority, that is why always remember the 5W and H.

Providing authoritative, detailed and consistent information will help your organization protect and build strong reputation.

In media you have to GAIN UNDERSTANDING of the ISSUES, Collect the relevant facts, Obtain quotes from reputable sources, and be balance in delivering your NEWS.



Topic: Freedom of Information: The Power of an Open Government for Development


Every Filipino shall and have access to INFORMATION, OFFICIAL RECORDS, and PUBLIC RECORDS.

A place wherein files are recorded, stored or kept in or under the control and custody of any government office pursuant to law, executive order and rules and regulations or in connection with performance or transaction of official business by any government office.

Executive Order No. 2 on the Freedom of Information opens the Executive Branch, along with the participating agencies, to the people. It makes the government as transparent as ever.
FOI operationalizes in the Executive Branch the people’s constitutional right to information and state policies to full public disclosure and transparency in public service.
To continue the dream of Duterte's Administration to be transparent of his work with no corruption!
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~END of First Day Session 2 and 3. You can visit Session 1 here
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