Mom's Day Out: A Relaxing Treat From Sun Life Financial Philippines

I got an exclusive invite from Sun Life Financial Philippines.

An invitation that can't be ignored because this is an exclusive pampering for all moms like me - the REAL BOSSES!

And yes, the 24/7 job we have is the most challenging job compared to a regular 8 hours, the most fulfilling and truly gratifying. Our most focus is our children and we as mothers nurture our family the best way possible in that we truly deserve a one day DAY OUT.

Thanks so much Sun Life Financial Philippines for bringing Mom's Day Out here in Davao City.

A sweet treats started with a back massage from the friendly massage therapists of ELYSIA WELLNESS SPA followed by warming Mom's tummies with the gourmet bites of Park Inn by Radisson Davao.

A quite simple pampering for mother's that is more than better symbol of unconditional love and lasting gift received one day in a year.

But what more priceless is to gain more knowledge about MOTHERHOOD, PARENTING and MONEY MANAGEMENT.

Ms. Michele Alignay
Our first speaker is a mom, a wife, a psychologist, and a book author of Family Goals.

MOM: Master of Multitasking

For Moms who wants to get closer to reaching an ideal work-life balance is not that easy, trying to juggle a full-time job with family life. In to get some ideas I have learned during the Mom's Day Out.
  1. Let Go of Guilt - by being a good ROLE MODEL to your children.
  2. Be Flexible.
  3. Make a Calendar - a guide in order not to miss a thing/event
  4. Stay Connected - talk with your children ( as they grow they need more guidance and attention). Don't forget to date your husband (uninterrupted grown up time can rev up marriage mojo).
  5. Create Special Family Activities - no matter what you do, just do it together!
  6. Be Efficient - take occasional breaks to have 'ME Time'!

The key is to focus on plan, get organized and to find the right balanced between work and family. Though Mom are inclined or to be called as 'MASTER OF MULTITASKING" still we need to be organized in everything we do in order to meet our #GOALS.

Ms. Maylene Almonte
Sun Life Financial Philippines
Cluster Head-Mindanao
Second Speaker


I admit when it comes to putting finances in order I am that person who needs financial planner, but that was when I'm still young & single. I don't need to brag myself here, but I am thankful to my parents that they have Sun Life Grepa Financial (Individual Life Insurance Plan) that addresses the need for income protection, education funding, a worry-free retirement and a suitable wealth accumulation plan. So lucky, that in my college years I have used this plan for my education for 4 years.

Now that I am a mother of two and a graduate of a Business Administration course, I know now how to use money wisely. I'm not an expert especially now in the world of finance is getting complex every year. That is why, I am so grateful having an event like this, plus, the financial advisor (speaker) having an advantage of experience and wisdom, somehow it can help mothers like me to keep on track and give info on how to make choices possible.


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