BLISS: Promises to Shock the Audience and Push Cinematic Boundaries

Part of watching a drama or thriller film is to enjoy it, and waiting for the climax scene on what the main characters to make the choices they make. And what make us wait is our basic needs and primary urges on what covers the story line, to what extent it goes at the end. Psychosexual thrillers allows our imaginary to go beyond the story without fear or judgment.

BLISS is a well-made movie done by the renowned director Jerrold Tarog.

I must thank Cinematheque Davao for giving me special screening privileges to watch "BLISS" and to meet-and-greet Direct Jerrold Tarog and the two leading characters, Iza Calzado and TJ Trinidad last Saturday, April 22, 2017.

Jerrold Tarog is the director of "Heneral Luna", one of the ten top-grossing films of 2015 in the Philippines. He is back with a shocking new film "BLISS" a psychosexual thriller and already becoming his most controversial project to date. Produced by TBA ( Tuko Film Productions, Buchi Boy Entertainment and Artikulo Uno Production) and distributed by Quantum Films.

I will not divulge the BLISS story line, because I want you all to watch it. But all I can say, romance is often use in every film to associate cultural or social activity in every story that we watch in a film but it is the advent of the psychosexual thriller that makes it more compelling in cinema. I know that some of you here had watched BASIC INSTINCT (1992), The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo (2009), THE SKIN I LIVE IN (2011) and/or some of the great foreign film that associates psychosexual films and I'm sure that most of you (the viewers) who have watched the film had that heightened sense of excitement plus an added layer of sexual display complexity.

The film had its world premiere at the Osaka Asian Film Festival last March, earning positive reviews from festival critics and audiences. Ms. Calzado also bagged the coveted Yakushi Pearl Award for Best Performer for her outstanding performance - this is her first International Award.

The twist of the story here and how the director give justice to all characters is a mind-bending framework, most of the movie we've seen is often the seedier part of  a male sexuality and desire - it is more acceptable in Philippine culture to see sordid scene of a male character rather than seeing a woman doing a disreputable soft-porn acting.

BLISS on its first review got an "X" rating by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) and banning the film from any commercial public screenings. The director and producers of "BLISS" immediately submitted an appeal for reconsideration, after a second review, the film has reclassified to "R18" rating - NO UNCUT!

The Director admitted that the film contained a lot of mature content, sexual acts, nudity and strong adult themes and language. He believes that Filipino audience is more than capable handling a film like "BLISS".

The recurring style of the story, that evil domain through out the entire films will repressed and hidden but brought out to light, by having a gruesome and deep-rooted imagery that make the film so realistic and explored. That what makes it more POWERFUL and CONVINCING to the viewers, everyone has drives and desires to watch it MORE!

"BLISS" stars Iza Calzado, Ian Veneracion, TJ Trinidad, Adrienne Vergara, Michael de Mesa, Sharmaine Buencamino, Audie Gemora and Stephanie Sol.

You want pure entertainment, that will alleviate your thoughts? This is the film that will take your desires that soon turn into depths of sexual deviance.

Catch BLISS in cinemas nationwide COMPLETE and UNCUT on May 10, 2017.

For the saying goes: "This is not for the faint of heart but rather the curiosity of mind".