The Hidden Mystery Behind MysterEscape #Mysterescape #escaperoom

In celebration of it's 1st year anniversary, MysterEscape, the first and only escape room in Davao City and the whole Mindanao invited Davao Digital Influencers to play in their mystery rooms.

What is MysterEscape? A first-person simulation games wherein participants are locked inside a room and must use the elements in the immediate surroundings to escape the room within a set given time.

It's my first time to visit this place, that's why I have mixed feelings to join the team, maybe because I'm afraid to go inside the room or something(one) that will STOP me from going out!

There are two teams. One group enter THE SURVIVAL GAME.

The other group went solve the mystery in the GIRL IN THE MIRROR.

Upon entering the rooms, you need to register for listing. 

And asked to read the rules and mechanics on what to do when we are inside our designated rooms.

NOTE: Picture-taking and recording of videos is prohibited inside the rooms.

Our things are also locked up inside a locker, including our cameras and mobiles, for safety purposes.

How much is the rate?

Once inside, an assistant assigned to guide you what to do, but all of the mystery questions and puzzles must solved by you (your team). You are given 60 minutes to save the world or solve a a crime. Better be quick to unleash your inner spy here because someone will be sent outside for punishment. :)

How many rooms they have? They have 3 rooms.

GIRL IN THE MIRROR - A disappearance in Japan more than thirty years ago has come back to haunt the present. A mother seeks answers for the loss of her child. Sounds creepy indeed, but you need to be brave in entering the spirit world to answer the lingering questions.

Are you brave enough to enter the spirit world?

REDRUM: A MYSTERY - A man found dead in a hotel room. His name is Patrick Tay, 24, was discovered in the Red Room at the Morrigan Hotel where he was working as part of the housekeeping staff. His body was found with 13 stab wounds to the back. His assailant and the motive are still unknown.

As Scene of the Crime Operatives, you are tasked to investigate the grisly murder. You only have 60 minutes to solve the crime and expose the killer on its motives.

Do you have the speed to solve crime like this in an hour? Do you have the guts to face the killer?

THE SURVIVAL GAME - Abducted!!! Kidnapped!! You wake up and find yourself trapped in a play room of your abductor. And you need to play their twisted game in 1 hour in order to save your life. The clock is ticking! Play with them or else you die!

Will you make it out alive???

This is perfect for Families, Friends, Team Building, and Special Events. Try it guys you will really enjoy the rooms here.

NOTE: Rooms are subject to change its theme without prior notice. Just visit their website, for rooms update >>> MysterEscape Philippines 

Located at the Mezzanine floor of Adelfa Building, Bajada, Davao City, close to Diamond KTV and fronting Davao Water District.


2PM to 10PM
Tuesdays to Sundays


0929 381 6611
(082) 224-4179

E-mail Address:

Thanks MysterEscape from #TeamDDI!!!!

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