Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez Contract Signing for Hotel Endorsement

Establishing a product brand boils down to make your product memorable! Favorably memorable to the people seeing it. Right?

When someone walks into a store to buy, or someone runs on his/her fingers to the pages of the magazines, newspapers or other news want them to go right exactly to you specifically! You need to get inside their head and guide them to know beyond about what the best possible product  to buy and give them the assurance of the good services you can offer that will give them satisfactory decision that your clients/customers can make. It means good value, good quality, and good service that for some reason it will make your product brand be a talk of the town and above the crowd unique.

That's one of the idea why Madam Leonora D. Lim (owner of LDL Realty Incorporated and RDL Pharmaceuticals Inc.) choose the couple, Ms. Sarah Lahbati & Mr. Richard Gutierrez to endorse her companies, D'Leonor Inland Resort & Adventure Park, D'Leonor Hotel, Japanese Tunnel and EMARS Inn & Beach Resort.


The information is very relevant in establishing a relationship with your clients, though some of your clients/audience will not be the first one to hold the strings but what is important is that you draw a communication to your product and build a brand that will make them go back and trust your product or services.

Having Sarah & Richard as their endorsers is a great factor in building the trust with their clients, both are celebrities and people really listen to public figures and celebrities. With our technology today, media-driven society are often as familiar to us all as with friends and family. They can easily associate the two to be well-adventurous, fun and loving people. So having the ability in getting the attention of the clients, an endorsement on a product from a well-known person (which also matches your audience), probably a great advantage for the companies.

December 16, 2016. The signing of the contract was held at the D'Leonor Inland Resort & Adventure Park HILL TOP VIEW Restaurant. Chairman & President Madam Leonora D. Lim attended the ceremony with her daughter Ms. Mercy Lim, and Ms. Annabelle Rama (Talent Manager) together with Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez along with their lawyers.

Ms. Mercy Lim appreciated the support of her families and friends, especially Ms. Annabelle Rama in allowing the couples to become their newest endorsers, and for the first time endorsing the four companies under the umbrella of LDL Realty Incorporated and RDL Pharmaceuticals. She wished that it would become a good start up of their relationship (referring to Ms. Annabelle) as part of their family and create more contracts from Sarah (for RDL) & Zion (son of Sarah & Richard).

Ms. Annabelle Rama appreciated the trust from the Lim Family and said that their friendship will never end and that includes the terms of business, operations, training and services (by providing talents) that will help boost the companies.

The venture of the two will not just help the companies but also strengthen their long-term relationship as friends.

Remember, people trust the opinions of their friends and families. By providing something unique or simply a good products/services at a good price.

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