The BREEZE Good Experiment #SeetheGood #ChangeofHeart #BreezePhilippines

Have you watch this video -  The Good Experiment.

The first thing I've seen in my Facebook Timeline feed early in the morning is this video from BREEZE, very touching and honestly this made me cry. We should always be thankful to our parents or to someone who took care of us when we were kids.

The video shown the unconditional love and respect, the values which our parents taught us. A reminder that as we grew older we become parents too, and that learning we get from them will also share with our kids. In a way that it help us to become more successful, mature and respectful.

Can something seemingly bad brings out something good?

Parents especially mothers are always like that. I am like that with my tweens. I easily say, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?", "WHAT HAPPENED?", "YOU BETTER WASH THAT!".

And they will reply: "Mom, your so OA" (Over Acting na naman si Mama). I easily conclude that if I see them dirty, they get it from being naughty.

Screenshot grab from Breeze video

The initial reaction of a mother when they have seen their kids full of dirt, shock and cannot believe what they saw.

Screenshot grab from Breeze video

But wait, the video had a twist of the story. Getting dirty doesn't mean they do something bad.

Screenshot grab from Breeze video

Screenshot grab from Breeze video

See the GOOD.

They all got dirty, because they help. 
They all got dirty, because they care. 
They all got dirty, because the CHANGE starts from them. 
The CHANGE to be with others who are in need, a CHANGE for a new beginning.

Congratulation to BREEZE Philippines, this advertisement you've made really help parents to have a #ChangeofHeart.

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