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Summer is always fun at McDonald’s with the annual Kiddie Crew Workshop! Registration is on-going until April 30, so hurry and sign up your kids in over 400 participating McDonald’s stores nationwide. For full list of participating stores, visit

Kiddie Crew is McDonald’s flagship family program that has been running since 1992. It has been promoting children’s well-being through fun and enriching activities that help them develop skills and make new friends.

Kiddie Crew members go through a fun-filled 5-day learning workshop that consists of activities that will help harness their sense of discipline, hard work, teamwork, responsibility, and sharing.

They learn what a real McDonald’s crew does at the front counter, drive thru, and they also do other lobby activities like greeting customers.

Kids can also look forward to learning how to make the all-time favorite McDonald’s Cheeseburger, plus enjoy some art sessions including the new activity—personalizing their own Kiddie Crew scrapbook.

They can also showcase their moves and learn the Ronald Dance and Kiddie Crew Anthem. For the first time, Kiddie Crew members will take home a CD with the Kiddie Crew theme song and Ronald Dance so the fun continues at home all throughout summer.

April 2016
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April 6. I was invited to attend the launching of the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop here in Davao together with the children from the Padre Pios Home for Children and The Providence Home of St. Joseph.

Kids were given their workshop paraphernalia like bags, shirts, cap, apron, chef hat's, etc...

They are welcome by McDonald's Marketing Crew from Manila Head Office headed by Mr. Fidel Balbieran the McDonald's Local Store Marketing Manager.

Children were given the chance to be a McDonald's kiddie crew. The workshop aims to promote children's well-being through enriching activities and gained more confidence in interacting with other kids like them.

Ronald McDonald also came to join the fun



(1) Drive-Through or Drive-Tru Counter

(2) How to welcome and greet customers entering McDonald's.

(3) COUNTER WORK AREA: Take-orders, punch POS, check the availability of the orders, serve burgers, sundae and fries with the help from Ronald McDonald and McDonald Service Crew.


The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. A question will be ask and they have to find for the answer using the card, it should match the other card until they match all the cards in pair.

Here they introduce their new add-ons for your Happy Meal order. You can now swap your FRIES for a CORN CUP!


First they wear their apron and chef's hat...

...and hand gloves.

Each of the kids got a tray with burger buns, cheese, patty, mustard, ketchup, pickles, chopped onions, and a spoon.

The Procedure:

(1) Put Mustard on top of the hell bun.

(2) The ketchup.

(3) The Chopped Onion

(4) The Pickles

(5) Add the cheese.

(6) The Patty.

(7) Put the crown bun on top of the meat patty.

(8) Finish product.

T'was a lots of fun that you can hear the tear- jerking laughter of the kids and as well as with the adults who are having fun watching the kids making their cheese burger.

And at the end of the activity, they get freebies from other sponsors like Happee Toothpaste.

And Kiddie Crew Workshop Book.

And to end the event, Ronald McDonald teach the kids the dance steps of the Kiddie Crew Anthem.

The day ended with a dance and a photo op with Ronald McDonald.

Photo credit to The Coffee Chic

A once in a lifetime event that kids will never forget. A heartwarming scenario seeing the children having fun together with Ronald McDonald and Staff and the Davao Bloggers Society.

You can enroll your kids, nieces, nephews, siblings or cousins age 6-12 years old for a fee of PHP650. Kiddie Crew participants will get a workshop t-shirt, cap, bag, I.D., workshop materials, pin/badge for every activity, apron, chef’s hat, meals for five days, and a certificate.

Kiddie Crew workshops will culminate in grand graduation ceremonies in nine major areas around the country such as Pampanga, North Manila, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, and Metro Manila.

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