What Will Birthday Be Like In A 39 Years Old Single Mom? #Iam39 #ItsMyBirthday

Today(April 21) is my 39th birthday. And for some this age, especially for women is an age of maturity and being so responsible.

I am in my late 30's now, but still I act like a child at times, but I know when to become mature and when not to.

I have so many life experiences, and being a mature is part of growing up and some of it having to do with my life decision through certain stages or certain things.

I've been to many ups and downs, found my partner and heart broken. I've had love one's who were here and died the next. A pretty wild ride indeed, that I can say at the end that I handle it all with pride and confidence.

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I am tough? Yes, I am tough enough, in a way how I handle things in my own perspective way.

So many lessons in life in a 39 years old single mom.

(1) Working hard doesn't mean you have to be smart. You need time and space to succeed, be organized and work efficiently. For a single mom, time is always gold--- DO NOT WASTE TIME.

(2) Be positive all the time, do not let negative things get to you.

(3) I know no one is PERFECT! So be who you are and don't pretend. It doesn't mean that they are great they are already perfect. You encountered lots of it, people who are boastful in their achievements, but still they are human, they commit mistakes.

(4) Slowly but surely. In every work you make, at the office or at home be precise and gradually you will achieve the desired results. The choice is yours!

(5) That KARMA is REAL. It happened with me personally. Everytime I give more with my work, I get more than I ask for.

(6) Make a change. Do not stick to one place, one person or to one group. Be flexible and adaptable. This is true with me, I don't like to hang around too long with one group of people. I love to mingle with other people that are not my close. I spend time with people who are there to support me and believe me all the way.

(7) Keep on listening with your guts, because your guts are always right.

(8) In every relationship you enter, be happy. Because if you're happy with it, then your relationship will perfectly successful. It really starts with ourselves. Maybe I am not happy with what I see and experience that is why my relationship with my partner is not working great.

These are just some of the lessons I've learned from my 38 years of age. Now that I am 39, I hope I will learned more about maturity and get the right spot for another leap in my life daily progress.

With much sincerity and happiness I thank everyone who greeted my birthday. I wasn't expecting to do something special neither I wasn't prepare to make a day a very special day, but with all your messages via viber and mobile through call & text and Facebook messages via private message and on my Facebook timeline and on my Twitter and Google forced me to see this day as a very memorable one.

I am overwhelmed and touched with all your messages and how you remembered my natal day who took time even little effort to greet me. Your message mean a lot to me, it keep me strong and it give me enough courage to face life greatest challenges.

Thank you all.

Thank you Lord Jesus!

To GOD be the Glory. Amen.   


  1. What a fantastic post - and you certainly not look your age, you look fab! ;)
    Time to a single mum is a very precious commodity and definitely should not be wasted!
    Karma is real, for sure - a total believer! Awesome post - you keep smiling chick! :) xx Sim

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! But you don't look 39, are you sure? Haha. Love #2, stay away from the negatives! Good vibes! A positive outlook in everything you do, in every situation and wherever you are goes a long way. :)

  3. You still look young for me. Life starts at 40 they say. I hope people stops being boastful, it makes my head heart. I don't want to listen with them. I like yout tip 6, I wish I knew this before. I could have made friend with a lot of people. Happy birthday ^_^

  4. happy belated birthday to you! and thanks for sharing such useful tips. I'm not that sure about listening to my guts, but I do agree that we should strive to be happy in all relationships for them to work!

  5. belated happy birthday raine, age is just a number and being childish in older years is not a problem nor a question of maturity . It's just that you are having a happy life and you are enjoying what ever you have today. You are one great person , a mom and a friend to all the people who know you....

  6. Well !! Happy birthday to you and my son shares the same birthday date :) you know every word in this post hold so much indepth truth. Your very first point " don't judge me " is my personal favourite as people dont know what other person is going through and cant judge people on their face value.

  7. Happy belated birthday! 40 is when life begins, right? You're right about how happiness starts from within. Don't expect anyone or anything to make you happy

  8. Happy Birthday! Enjoy this time reflecting on the things you did well and the changes you want to make. Cheers!

  9. These advice are applicable to people of every age, learning to be grateful, and be happy will help everyone through every stage!

  10. happy belated birthday! change is always good and can be refreshing

  11. Ah, you really are a tough lady. ha,ha,ha... Be positive all the time, do not let negative things get to you., I believe when you reach 50 you have to throw this one out. you will less looking at the positive side but go for the realistic side.

  12. Happy birthday! You do not look 39. I am sure you are the heroine of your daughter. And yes, do not doubt that you are the heroine of your life.

  13. Belated happy birthday! We almost the same age. I'll be 38 this year and life gets better. The best part is that we learn a lot along the way. Have a great year ahead!

  14. Happy belated birthday to you!! ^^ We are both April babies yay! You've come really far and it's not easy to be a single mum. <3 Wish you all the best always =)

  15. It's nice that you look at the positive. I guess it's always nice to have the child in us as it also brings in a lot of pureness in our actions.

  16. Happy Birthday to you and enjoy the blessings of adding another year to your life! Compassion is a greater skill then toughness. As we age, we will find that there is a greater need for it in our world.

  17. The lessons you have imparted here are golden. I especially love the 3rd one because people nowadays sometimes forget to be true to themselves in order to impress others.

  18. Happy birth dear and may you have better life ahead.