Dubsmash a Hit or a Flop? #Dubsmash

If you've been in Facebook, the chances to see this kind of a video that posted by some of your friend is this.

I'm not pregnant
Aliw si gagah!!! Hahaha!Nakakaloka!#Dubsmash
Posted by Chonna Mae on Sunday, April 19, 2015

So I guess, I have to make a review just to informed that this app really grab so much attention that majority of the users enjoy and loving it, but others complain for it becomes an annoying video taking over their Facebook feed.

DUBSMASH was launched on November 19, 2014, it is a video messaging that can be share in order to get in touch with families, relatives and friends, by simple recording of a selfie video added with a famous movie scene, TV quotes and more.

And for this, majority of the users highly recommend this app with a 5 stars recommendations, make it be on iTunes or in Google Play.

When people see a kind of a trending thingy, the initial reaction is to follow the trend and keep on posting it in their feeds, make it be on Facebook, The Vine, or on Twitter, as long they can share their video no one can STOP them.

Dubsmash become a Hallmark of success and at the same time spotted negative feedback especially those who cannot download Dubsmash or people who are not into this kind of a thing and HATE this app so much!

A HIT for some users because of its SIMPLICITY and it's EASY to USE application.

A FLOP for those who are annoyed because they cannot download Dubsmash, or the sounds is not playing nice or cannot share it with other social media like Facebook, Twitter or Vine.


My say, I love watching the Dubsmash video especially the funny one. I enjoyed watching people's dub of popular movie or in TV shows, etc.

But there are times that you are annoyed watching it over and over again, keep on feeding on your Facebook. You have no clue and it bothers you, it's annoying!

Unfortunately, there's no way OUT! DUBSMASH is the NEW SELFIE for this year. I cannot stop it from popping out from my Facebook, its viral and it is DUBSMASH and I have to DEAL with it!

But if you want to get rid of a Dubsmash video in your feed, just click the upper left corner of that post.