#WORKITWednesday Single Parent Shoutout

I am so happy with the positive feedback I have on my yesterdays post #TRANSFORMTuesday. Thanks everyone for a nice comment, very much appreciated.

To continue my week-long celebration for all single-parents like me, giving useful tips and advice to help gear up for the future together with our children - - - I have here simple stress management tips and relaxation tools.



As a single-parent, we need to keep busy to forget our personal problems and divert our self to a fruitful one. It's so stressful, either you are working or a stay home parent. It's time to put yourself in a spotlight! Have that confidence to show everyone how amazingly TOUGH you truly are!


You have to be alone sometimes, away from the society, but don't forget to bring your children with you and enjoy the time with them. 

Since you've encounter so much problems thinking about things that cause tensions, it is much better to have a mental relaxation, by going to the beach or in the mountains. Relax your muscles and take a deep breath (tell your children to join you). Hear the sounds around you, smell the smells, and tune in the sense of well-being. Meditate and pray!

You can also listen to music, this will help you relax even if you are just at home or reading books or enjoying a hobby that can make your life more fun.

Pursue your Passion

When you do what you love, people stand up and take notice! In my case, I love dancing but I stop when I got pregnant. For many years I wanted to go back in dancing but my priority now are my children. Instead of enrolling for a dance class, I used my money wisely (budget & save it for my children future). Honestly, I don't have regrets, because even if I am not enrolled in a dancing class, I was born to be a dancer --- I dance when I exercise, and that way I can express my feelings!

Now, my passion is writing and this is my LIFE now. I blog and I love it so much. Writing your thoughts and all your activities(a journal), it can help you clarify things and can give you a renewed perspective in life by visiting other blogs and read other's thoughts---it's like sharing! 

Procrastination is stressful! Whatever you want to do tomorrow; do it now!

Volunteer for EXTRA WORK - be proactive, take more responsibilities if you know that you can handle them all. Time to be a confident individual, don't mind your past, get their trust and be independent. You can do it! I can do it!

Don't feel alone!

Take Up A Sport or Exercise - if you're tired with work, why not enroll yourself to a ZUMBA or AEROBIC
class. Here you can develop discipline and confidence. With your talent and ability, nothing will hold you back from victory! Once people notice how great you are, everyone will start following you and want you to be in their group. (Make sure you have extra money to enroll, don't think about yourself passion!)

At end, always think of our children's welfare. 

Our passion is ourselves. 

Don't be stress.

Learn to relax.


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