#THINKBIGThursday Single Parent Shoutout

Don't let anything STOP you from living your dreams. It's time to learn how being at the top and embrace the limitless opportunities coming your way. 

If you read my #WORKITWednesday post, a part of my week-long celebration, I used hashtag shoutout made to all single parents like me. To have an overview of daily activities using TIPS and ADVICE based on writer experience.

It's time to LIVE THE DREAM. 
Time to go for our BIG DREAM. 
Time to THINK BIG!


You got pregnant. You have a child. Now that you're a single mom --- what's next?

What's the BIG DREAM that your longing to do for the longest time but you've not started yet? And now you're a single mom, you will ask yourself, --- "can I do it now?".

Embrace the limitless possibilities that you can do it! As I said, think positive always and everything well go smoothly. Life is unpredictable, right? It's like a road map -- after all, you are still the driver of the car, wherever you go...whatever adventure your taking, just go where the road takes you.

Have a clear goal in mind, collect your thoughts and focus what you want. Focusing in one goal become easier with complete determination you can bring your dreams to SUCCESS!

I know this is hard, to start again is not easy. Don't say that you cannot do it, but rather say this word, "I CAN DO IT"! 

Oh well, I say that before, "I CAN DO IT"! I'm hopeless that time but I never quit. I am a fighter and have a great determination that I can surpass all. I have a BIG DREAMS and I need to WORK FOR IT. I start by creating a plan, then I look for a support team, I reach out with my family, relatives, friends and also acquaintances like single moms like me and I take a step one at a time.

Dare to go beyond, there's no stopping you from achieving anything, everything you set in mind ---focus.

Don't settle for mediocrity. Go beyond expectations and WOW the world!

Once you found that GOAL --- #THINKBIG don't lose it! Your bound to have that, flourish it and stand above the rest. Don't be afraid, take that as your guide and gravitate it. Use that goal positively, these can be the clues to your compelling enthusiasm and be your stepping stone to a bigger dream and a brighter future.

Be ambitious in life(but with a limit).

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