How to Make a DIY Portfolio: Simple and Easy School Storage

I was about to throw my old art stuff, then I remember that it can still re-use of my youngest daughter for her next art pieces activities in school so I store some important artworks for safe keeping.

And so I was right, the next day Chelsea ask me to assist her to produce a storage for her paper exams, quizzes and assignment something that has 3 columns to hold long and short papers.

To make a simple and easy DIY Portfolio you need to have a canvas of art panels(use here the old chipboard from the previous DIY), long folder, art wrapper, transparent duct tape, scissor, glue, pencil, stapler and ruler.

First cut a chipboard with the same height with a long folder, then fold it and make a 3 column, then put two lines each fold for partition.

This is how it appears when you fold it.

Make a box to form a paper storage.


Wrap it with art paper.

A sturdy storage solution for quizzes, assignments and test papers.

Simple and easy.  You can use any decorative papers to categorize multiple portfolios.

Chelsea is using this to hold all her SUMMATIVE and PERIODICAL TEST PAPERS and ASSIGNMENTS.