Cyber Bullying in Facebook

Personally,  I write a post of happiness and things that I see greatness in my life.  This time I will write a post in memory of my friend Alexandra "DJ LEXI" Bautista.

For a short span of time we've shared, I already consider you as my younger sister. Yes, I am saddened by your passing and it's normal to cry and acknowledging that I am in great sorrow. Never had the chance to think that this will end like this.

You never truly know what's in someone's heart, to treat you like that with disrespect and incompassion. Knowing your side of the story is my privilege, though you don't want to talk about it with others except for me and your partner, Jommel. You never had the opportunity, nor did you put an effort in defending yourself. You never had the chance to explain your side,you just keep quiet.

The things that you've read in FACEBOOK that made suffered you so much is a clear image of a CYBER BULLYING. The things she/he said about you is an act of harming your reputation by making false accusation towards you and I am appealing for JUSTICE to you my friend, she/he should be made to pay.  

Today I cried, I don't have the answers as to why you left us as sooner as that, all I know that God is a loving God...everything had a purpose. Right?  She/He will pay for that and only God will give real justice to you my friend.

To my dearest friend Lexi, you've stopped because you want to take rest forever not because you're weak but because your journey has ended. Although the pain for us seems like it will never end, I promise it will get easier to handle and deal with in time.

Many people come and go in our lives, but very few make a worthwhile memorable impression. Despite her worsening illness, Lexi never grumbled or complained about her sometimes obvious discomfort, a rare virtue in any man. She had strong principles that she believed in and lived by but she was never judgemental and loved people for what they were. A focus of love and affection that radiated out and touched those of us who were privileged to know her.

As a young woman, she was a fiercely independent person who wanted to go her own way and do her own thing, but whatever her own thing was or whatever took her fancy, she always gave it her best shot. She would work hard and was willing and able to do the best she could in whatever challenge she faced. I know she's a fighter, I saw everything what really happened to her, I was there when she needed comfort, though we only known each other quiet sometime.

Alexandra Bautista selected her friends very carefully, if you were lucky enough to be counted as one of them, then you knew you had someone you could trust and rely on, someone with undeniable loyalty and honesty.

Lexi lived and enjoyed her life to the full, and made the most possible out of every single precious moment with us and Jommel Banez. We all have many happy memories of Dj Lexi and these we must hold dear in our hearts and cherish them, as she cherished us.

Rest in peace my dearest Lexi. Farewell but not goodbye my friend.

-Taken from my Facebook Timeline

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  1. Hello. I am Jei and I'm Jommel's friend/classmate. I just can't help but be saddened with what happened to Lexi. We don't know each other personally but through Jommel's FB account, I have learned to like her. She was beautiful and I saw her (through her pictures) as a fun-loving person with no pretensions. It's a pity that she's gone now. Really. I'm sorry for your loss. As you said, she was your good friend. I'm also sorry for Jommel's loss. I pray that wherever Lexi is right now, she's at peace...

  2. Thank you so much for your message @jei. 4 years have passed, I still remember her smile and good laughed.


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