Beat The Heat At The BlueJaz Beach Resort and Waterpark

Every summer I attend to it that my youngster will enjoy their vacation, and as far as I know they love splurging and getting to the beach front and have their splish and splash summery vacation. So what I did is to look for a beach just near to us, we've been to Paradise Island and Costa Marina many times so I resolved to choose BlueJaz Beach Resort and Waterpark.

As early as the rising of the sun, we headed to a fresh and ultra cool beach resort in Samal, a comfy spot to enjoy your summer getaway.

Getting there is very easy, we ride on a TAXI and pay PHp120 for our FARE, from downtown to Lanang, Pampanga.  Their BOAT LOCATION is beside Garden by the Bay(formerly Maryknoll).


Adult - PHp90 x 3 = PHp270 
Kids 7 above - PHp70

and our PIRATE WRISTBAND to be wear inside the resort.

I pay PHp340 plus BOAT FARE of PHp120(PHp30/person x 4 back and forth), total payment of PHp460. But I wonder how come I pay that amount since I already talk from a BlueJaz staff who happened to be my Facebook friend about giving discounts to the elders. I ask the one assigned that day, if she already gives my mom a SC Discount, at first, she was hesitant to give us a discount because according to her,
she already issued us our receipt, but I insist that is not right, you can alter the receipt and affix your signature for correction purposes or make another new receipt. BIR will not question her because she is executing what is right, affording us the proper payment and discount but she insisted that it is not allowed at their resort. What she did in order to resolved the problem is to deduct our boat fare, instead of paying PHp120 she give me back my PHp30, so I only pay PHp90 for our boat fare.

I understand that she is just following instructions, but I suggest in order to avoid such scenario, next time they have to check and see if there is an elderly to the group so that they can give proper discount.

Well anyway, going back to our summer beach getaway. My mom and my kids are very happy while waiting for our boat to arrive.

The boat arrives and then we started sailing...

Seeing the pristine beaches of Samal, it's so tempting! In a way, so inviting that you really need to take a plunge upon arrival because of the hot weather we are having today.

Upon arrival, you will see this.

Reminders and Amenities Rate for you to enjoy!
We did not bring FOOD(baon) because as far as I know if you will buy food at their restaurant you will not pay for cottages and nipa huts.

We ordered their PHp600 LUNCH COMBO MEAL + for our dessert Banana Shake and Mango Shake
worth PHp90 x 3 = PHp360.  A total of PHp960 for our FOOD.

Actually, you can choose from PHp600-800 Lunch/Dinner Combo Meal.

So many activities to enjoy at this place, the likes of...





...BANANA BOAT, JET SKIING, and 1st in Davao the FLY FISH.

Nothing to worry because for FIRST AID and EMERGENCY purposes, they have a 24 hour NURSE STATION always ready to attend to you as possible.

I only choose a DAY TOUR schedule, wherein we have to stay at the resort from 6am-5pm only. We have limited time to enjoy it all, but nevertheless I enjoy shopping and swimming together with my kids and my mom.



Our DAY TOUR stays as I said is very limited, but we were pleased to receive exactly what we are hoping for! From FOOD SERVING, we were lucky enough to have a guy who is very knowledgeable and gave us a thorough overview of the resort. All my questions were answered and this GUY that I forget to ask his name that according to him, he's an ON-CALL employee, also had a great suggestions for dining particularly local food dishes available in the restaurant and sightseeing during the remaining time of our stay.


They don't accept reservation for NIPA HUT and COTTAGES, if you're planning to visit this place better to arrive early for a DAY TOUR.



  1. It s a nice place. It would great to go there someday.

    1. Thanks id for visiting my site. Yes, this is a nice place. Hope you can also visit this place.