My 14th Year Old Daughter Mikaela Francesca

Dear Mikaela,

I am writing this post because I know that we will come to this point that I have to accept that you're a grown up child now. Now, I can't imagine having you in my tummy for nine months creating my life challenges and bring you from that day, learning to accept responsibilities and affirming that I can give you all your needs as a parent.

December 18, 1999
6:10 AM

Everything changes for good and something amazing as soon I held you in my arms. The hardest but yet the most beautiful, that my heart could hardly hold the excitement.  It was strange, I thought it's not real but I had dreamed this for so long. Waiting and preparing and finally you're here, everything just PERFECT! You did not give me a hard time to give birth, my water broke down and my contraction are in full force. 

I can still recall my eutopian experience. It was all just happening so fast and I never felt the pain during labor.

Same as fast that you no longer my little girl. I still have the glimpsed of you playing with your dolls and when you get excited when I come home from work. 
Sometimes I'm jealous the way you get to giggle with the small freebies I give you from Jollibee.

We've been to a rough relationship that is not that great. We weren't that close but your still there to stand by me as a big girl that is full of love and compassion and I
want you to know that I am blessed to have you.

I want to keep our communication line open. I know we're not the same era, you are more intelligent, observant, and insightful because of the new technologies that you've learned from school or on the internet.

But I want you to trust me, we have to learn to trust each other in the same way in dealing things.  I do know that RESPECT, COMPASSION and EMPATHY help a bit in most of a mother- daughter relationship.

I am not a perfect mother, nor do I aspire to be. I don't want to put myself in a pedestal claiming that I am a good mother to you. I am not perfect. 

I know that you are a responsible person. I know that you love your sister so dearly, though sometimes you have differences you're still there to protect her. You are the only people that I have now, the precious gifts that God given to me.

You're turning 14 and becoming an amazing young lady.  I love you so much Ate Mikay always have that lovely smile.  Always have that patience to me and your Mama Lola.

It's still important to listen without over-reacting.

Hoping for a fantastic day tomorrow in school. I know your friends have a surprised gift for you.

Happy Birthday Ate Mikaela Francesca!!!




  1. Full emotion to reach out with your offspring that reaaly needs your guidance. keep it up woman.

  2. I am single but I am living near my brother who has 2 children and I can observe the same experience you're going through. Kids are growing fast and trying to be on their own.

    I am glad that you're taking care of your daughter responsibly. It goes to show you're a great mother. A good example for others. I hope mothers out there can be like you.

  3. I'm sure your daughter would really appreciate this letter especially as she grows older.

  4. aww :D this is so touching. I'd love to know the reaction of your daughter to this.

  5. A heartfelt piece Pal, sure you have a lovely daughter, she's so lucky to have a loving mom like you.

  6. Awww this is such a nice and touching entry! Happy birthday to your daughter :D

  7. awww... this is so sweet!!!! and happy birthday to you daughter! :)

  8. happy birthday to your dear daughter!!! i always feel nostalgic when my child's birthday comes too..
    leira from FBW


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