COMELEC Briefing for 2013 Barangay Election

The Barangay Election is set to happen this October 28, 2013.  And before that COMELEC Briefing was held last October 23 for the Board of Election Tellers(BET) at Cesareo Villa Abrille Elementary School(CVAES) for Brgy. 76-A, to give a General Instruction on what to do this election.

As one of the BET(Board of Election Teller) or formerly known as the BOARD OF ELECTION INSPECTOR(BEI), we usually follow what is written on RESOLUTION No. 9751.

Been serving as BEI at age 18 years old. Since then I am so familiar with what to do on or before election.  But we need to update some instructions for some how there are rules and issues need to refresh our memories.

BUCANA or Brgy.76-A is the biggest barangay here in Mindanao in terms of area and population, with 467 hectares and 67,000 registered voters and still growing.

That is why the COMELEC of Davao focus their briefing here in our barangay.

By the way there are 3 PUBLIC SCHOOLS Serving this election for Brgy.76-A:

  1. SIR Elementary School
  2. Kabacan Elementary School
  3. Cesareo Villa Abrille Elem.School

The COMELEC Briefing was conducted by the Election Lawyer for the 1st District Atty. Aimee Ampoloquio.

The briefing was so timely because there are newbies serving this coming election, considering that we will use the basic, the MANUAL ELECTION (no PCOS use for this time).

MANUAL ELECTION means the basic step by step proceeding of elections, the use of the TALLY BOARD, THE OLD BALLOT BOX, the MANUAL CASTING of VOTES.

And I know some of you are familiar with the things I am saying.  This means that we need to work additional hours for this to have a peaceful and honest election, and to be very vigilant.

Signing my Oath of BET as Poll Clerk, you are responsible with your vote, and I am aware that I am responsible to make your vote counts.