What Happened to AdDU Confession Page

I've been an avid follower/reader of this page, AdDU CONFESSION PAGE. Love reading the ideas and experiences and the humorous story of every Atenista wherein we laugh, cry, love and learn to their stories make it be "corny", "fictional", or "exaggerated".

Though some are using foul languages and very annoying comments that sounds irritating to me. I still practice what I've learned from AdDU to practice empathy and to accumulate based on the experiences I have read that make the facts enjoyed to read about. 

So what happened to AdDU CONFESSION PAGE?

The work requires scrupulous attention to detail, why is it that they're transferring it to a new secret place.

While many assume that a conservative reading  of the story posted on the page will lead inevitably to a conservative interpretation, that made so hard with everyone who had different interpretation that leads to appear that AdDU Confession leads to a dirty hideout of exposing some of the invisible but relevant realities within the school. 

The AdDU SAMAHAN issue a memo after the deliberation regarding the page:


A memo was issued, requesting them to
regulate, filtered or be censored some of the posts.

In this case, I agree with The Samahan it should be STOP and start to CLEAN UP.

The Right to Freedom of Expression is particularly important to all of us.  We are free to express our feelings, criticize without fear of prosecution-this is the mirror of a democratic country.  However,we have the right to respect of one's private life and that is our restrictions.

Be Responsible.    

ATENISTA are still FREE to make a SHOUT OUT base on their experiences make it so sad, corny or some sensitive issues that need to ponder with.

AdDU Confession is now moving to a more secluded place.  And I am happy to be part of it! *wink-wink*

"Ad maiorem Dei gloriam inque hominum salutem"


  1. It's great to be a reader of different topics involved in a community you're concerned about. Foul languages and debates are fine as long as they make sense and stay relevant to what's up ahead in the conversations.

  2. Wow! I got jealous with ADDU has their own FB page how I wish that our university (Cavite State University) has also. Anyway, there are many FB users that are really annoying and irritating on how they reacted on someone post. As a general user we should be responsible enough and aware of what we post because children are also reading it. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK, as the advertisement said.

  3. ayun! But I agree that although there should be freedom of speech, comments should be moderated, if the members cannot practice respect for persons.

  4. I always see it that freedom stops when we starts encroaching other people's space so there is a line we draw between being free and being responsible.

  5. positive criticism is good enough, but just be responsible. At times kasi people tend to abuse 'freedom of speech'. Good thing that your university has its own FB page. Try ko nga if my Alma Mater has too.

  6. It's so cool that Ateneo de Davao has a page like this! Sana meron din sa school namin. Hihi

  7. I have to agree with you, freedom of speech come with responsibility. Whatever comes out will never be taken back. AMDG!

  8. With freedom of speech comes responsibility and the idea that you are responsible for your actions, whatever those consequences may be.

  9. Admins of the page also post confessions which are not from ADDU students. There must be a way to know whether the "confessor" come from the school or not. I'm not fond of reading the confessions though but I follow AdDU Confessions on FB.

  10. at dahil sa ADDU Confession, ang daming nagsusulputang CONFESSION PAGE na rin sa FB. :) Khit ang munting bayang naming CATEEL. meron na din. :) Hehehehe. :)


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