Women's Ministry: My Header by Amy Bayliss

Been a week that I am searching for a nice blog template for my personal domain name.  Last Saturday I had my new template but still I am not satisfied with the look my site has so dull and quiet.  I need something cute, lovely and nice to see.

I have already visualized what should be put on top of my post as my header, a woman with a laptop. My last template on my OL.U.NID blog is a girl holding her laptop while playing bubblegum on her mouth.

The hard part is to search it on the web.  There is a lot of woman with a laptop photos but none of them suit my taste.  I need something with an animation touch.  Then I type "woman templates for blogger", I've seen this one on the Google search that caught my attention.

I super love it!  Really love it.  From the designs and styles, it's PERFECT FOR MY PERSONAL BLOG.

I click to visit the page and I come to know that it was a WOMEN'S MINISTRY FREE TEMPLATE coming from the AMY BAYLISS site.  I read all the instructions stated on her site but on my dismay I can't download the template anymore.  I said to myself that I don't need another template all I need is a header for my site. Then at the button part of the template photo it say's there "get copy for .png header to upload", great read I can use the header itself!  I go back to the web search, click View Original Image then download it.

Next, I have to change the name "all about Women's Ministry" to my name "PAL RAINE".  I just edit all the text indicated in the header using picmonkey.com.  Then I put the name of Ms. Amy Bayliss below as a simple gesture of crediting it back to her, without her site I cannot see this wonderful and lovely banner that I am using now.

By the way, so that I will receive updated post of Amy Bayliss I subscribed through her email.  To know more about her site visit HERE.




  1. Nice design for your header. It's really catchy.

  2. Yup, it's nice and cute. It's pleasant to the sight.

  3. Interesting. I might try this as well. Thanks Pal. :)

  4. The woman in your header reflects your true personality... with a short hair but there's fullness and sexiness, her eyes are expressive of an outer glow but quite reserved and her smile though not quite resembles yours... gives a sense of mystery. Hmmmm... LOVE it too :)


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