PhilHealth Run 2013: Nationwide Run for Mother and Child Protection

My first FUN RUN for this year 2013.  
Great run with the PHILHEALTH.

Actually to sum it up, this is my 4th FUN RUN; (1) ATENEO: Running for Sendong families and Rebuild Lives (2) ATENEO: iRUN: RUN FOR INTEGRITY and (3) PHILIPPINE RED CROSS: iVOLUNTEER: RUN FOR HUMANITY 

I've once joined a fun run before but this PHILHEALTH FUN RUN is very different, aside from it is organized by a Government Institution, this is my first time to run alone.

Experiencing running alone.  This heightened experience is common to all veteran runners.  When we do running we often love to be in a group, just like you can't run without your peers, the camaraderie.  Having thoughts to join the run since I myself love to run in a group.  But due to some reason my partner in running did not make it so I have no choice but to run alone.

Been amazed at what I've seen on the day of my run, held at SM CITY DAVAO PARKING C.  I've seen many, many people.  So much traffic while entering the place.

"WOW!  This is the first time I've  joined a fun run with a more than a thousand runners."

The event scheduled Sunday, February 17.
It starts at exactly 4:00 in the morning. 

While we are doing our warm up exercise, 18K
RUNNERS are already preparing their race.

Followed by the 3K(Kiddie & Adult Race), then 5k, and lastly the 10K.

I choose to run 5k again.

My first 5k RUN  is a bit scary, exciting, and overwhelming(read story here). I know I have to accelerate my run on a higher kilometer run, my last run happened to be a 7k run(read story here)but I am afraid that I can't make it to higher level trail anymore because I consider myself as an occasional runner and beside I don't have that training.  

"I only run for a cause".  For me my 7K run is the most difficult run I've every made.

And for this is my first run for this year, with no exercise and training, I've done my 5k run for 1 hour, 27 minutes and 32 seconds.

Just for the record:

FIRST FUN RUN:  3K - NO RECORD(Because it is my first to run, don't have an idea that I have to record it).  :(
THIRD FUN RUN:  7K - FINISH for 1hr and 15mins and 20sec
                     AVE. Speed: 1.55m/s
FOURTH FUN RUN:  5k - FINISH for 1hr and 27 minutes and 32 seconds.


Bad to see my performance decelerated.  Comparing my last 5k run I've finished it for only 1 hour.  Well as I've said lately I am not a professional runner.  I only run occasionally but still it is a GREAT RUN for me because not only that I've received lots of freebies I also HELP raised awareness to PROTECT Mother and Children HEALTH.


Special thanks to my friend Nilo Nacion of PHILHEALTH DAVAO.


Photo credit to PHILHEALTH



  1. Congrats on your run. It's never about the time, it's always been the satisfaction of finishing. My nephew also run Philhealth in Baguio and had a few friends running in multiple occasion.

  2. wow! you look great dear. I haven't tried joing fun runs like this hehe. Most of the time also I run by my self as I can run with some extra kilometre. Im like focus like that when runnung alone. Hope i can join somthing like this in the future! kudos to you Pal! xx

  3. Just run and once you get the hang of it, the speed would follow. Nice group pictures in Davao too.

  4. pa-in-law joined this fun run too

  5. Nice job Philhealth Davao! Our local Philhealth also did an event like this sometime last Feb 15:)

  6. Well done, sis. I wish you even more runs to come!

  7. Congrats Sis. Now ko lang nalaman na that you're into fun run din pala.

  8. I've never joined any fun run yet. I am afraid that I might not finish it. Haha Congrats to your run. :))

  9. wow.. congrats. i want to have a run too for a cause. you know, just to have an experience, sis..

  10. Great run Pal, great run. Kudos for finishing the fun run!

  11. Oh my! I guess I'm the only one not "IN!". Congratulations! Without training and all, I think I just have to do it and RUN!


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