Amidst from modern technology new generation doesn't know about the use of a DICTIONARY. 



The generation born right around the end of the 1960s baby boomer cultural takeover, basically anyone born after 1965 (Dylan going electric) and before 1977 (so that's ME hafta be at least 1 yr. old when Star Wars came out). The title Generation X was designated by the media to indicate a distinct group population for marketing purposes. Generation X members are generally considered laid back (slackers), market savvy (having been inundated by the mass media and MTV since their pre-teen years), prone to psychological disorders (the first generation with a majority to have grown up with absent or divorced parents), and considered less important than baby boomers (who are by the way the egomaniacal bastids to make that distinction in the first place, Sheesh). Generational trends however suggest that Gen Xers are smarter than people think, are more capable and hard working than expected, and will eventually rule the world by lining up the baby boomer bastids against the wall when the revolution comes! 
Also, the name of a punk band I think.

Well, as it said GEN X are hard working.  Yes, I strongly agree with that.  See, if we have assignments, we do our research thru school or city library.  We read books, ALMANAC, etc.  We make sure we have answers on our assignments.  We really depend on books and newspapers then.

Generation Y 

Born between 1980-1994.  Is also called the Echo-boom generation because their parents are Boomers. This is the last generation to remember the 20th century and the time before the fully digital age. Some grew up with no internet, others remember when dial-up was the big thing, before HDTV, before cell phones were commonplace, when CD players were a must have, when basic cable was a luxury and when you went to the video store to rent a VHS and remember the days of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

While some of Generation Y is certainly over obsessed with social networking and is very narcissistic, it is still the last generation to remember the pre-Friendster/YouTube/Myspace era and to have a connection to the 20th century. Early years remember the Cold War, good MTV and all year remember when kids TV meant something. Their icons include Michael Jordan, Will Smith and our pin-up girl was Pamela Anderson during the Baywatch days.

Todays teenagers. Growing up with too much information being pushed upon them, usually about DEATH and THE WORLD ENDING. Thus making them constantly ask "WHY?" as their addiction to information becomes stronger.
They all have the answers in just once click on the computers.  And they forget the basic, the BOOKS, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, ENCYCLOPEDIA and the DICTIONARY for research and updates.  

This is what we called the GENERATION Z

FACEBOOK, INTICHAT, BETA FRIENDSTER ONLINE GAMES, TETRIS BATTLE, GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER, ROCKMELT BROWSER these are just examples of popularly use of  today's generations in net surfing.

In my observation not good.  As I see my kid's depend so much to computers. Everytime they have an assignment, though so simple to answer because the answers are already on the book they still want to ask GOOGLE about it.  Children cannot properly estimate the validity of the information they find on the web. They rely upon search engines and accept information in visually appealing easily accessible pages.  But I agree that the Internet now is a primary educational/developmental tool for children today but we should put guidelines to it.  Especially to us parents, we are the most responsible for this development we should be on guard.  

Potential exposure of children to controversial information on the web resulted in many practical guidelines on Internet safety for parents and children and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 on the Internet.  This act provides an official definition of a website directed to children. However, despite the abundance of web sites for kids, principles of web design for children are not yet well defined. Kids' active, extensive and rapidly growing presence on the Internet poses both a challenge and an opportunity for researchers and web designers.

In my own opinion, though we are now in this GENERATION Z era, hope we can still teach our children to use their MIND...to THINK and SEARCH and not to depend always on the internet.  Go back to BASIC.  Use the BOOKS, NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINES, ENCYCLOPEDIA and the DICTIONARY.  After all,  we all grow up as TALENTED, KNOWLEDGEABLE, BROADMINDED Citizen even if we belong to GENERATION X.

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  1. "oh well" for the generation Z..... no safety measures at all....


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