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HANDURAW (han-doo-rau) is the Cebuano word for “the power to imagine.” A pizza and events café originating from the island of Cebu in the Philippines, with branches in Metro Manila and now in Davao.

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November 2011,  Dabawenyo Ka Kung Group with the alipoRACERS FAMILY celebrated Halloween together at Handuraw Pizza Cafe at E. Quirino Avenue, Davao City.  It was my first time to enter the place.  The place  is not that big, but seems like a good place to chill-out and unwind,  and their pizza was sooooooo yummy!!!  

CONCERT TIME with Doc Bong, Doc Joel, JOsie and PAM


I recommend you to order 2 pizzas if you're really hungry or even want to share with your friends because it's cheaper (BUY 1 TAKE 1).. I really love the one and only HANDURAW SPECIAL..


Handuraw offers an assortment of lip smacking thin crust pizzas that range from basic to adventurous choices. The Handuraw Special, which is a must-try, is a thin crust pizza that contains an abundance of toppings, including slices of pepperoni, chunks of Italian sausage, ham and bacon bits, button mushrooms, onions, olives, and fresh tomatoes. Other classic pizza variants include Meatlovers, Hawaiian, Bacon and Mushroom, Pepperoni, and Cheesy Cheese. Apart from the Vegetarian classic pizza, those who prefer meatless pizza varieties can go for the Simply Basic pizza options, which include Margherita and Roasted Garlic and Cheese.

For the adventurous, they can try the Anchovy Lovey.  It is a thin crust pizza liberally topped with shredded anchovies fillet, olives, mozzarella cheese, and made more special with Handuraw’s homemade pesto oil.

Pizza became the food of choice for the café when research via the internet indicated that pizza has become a universal comfort food, craved for by people all over the world with each country putting their own stamp to the pizza’s identity. It was also learned that the dining experience of eating pizzas (regardless of pizza size and diners’ age and interests) is generally a communal or group experience, and serves to foster friendship and camaraderie.

But wait,  there's more...The menu also includes pica-pica, soups, salads, sandwiches, meals, and rice bowls. Non-pizza favorites include Sizzling Pork Steak, Fish and Shrimp Butterfly, and Happy Rooster Chili Wings. Pasta favorites include the All-meat Bolognese and the Seafood Marinara. 

I also love their POTATO JOJO.


Mira Bitacura, very accommodating and approachable business woman.   
A friend of mine in DKK and also the owner of HANDURAW PIZZA CAFE Davao Branch.    On an interview with her, she said that the branch opened in November 10, 2010 and she doesn't expect the positive feedback of the people towards their branch here in Davao.  

To the owners of Handuraw Pizza cafe, developing a food line of pizzas illustrates what Handuraw has envisioned itself to be — a café that would foster a strong sense of friendship and community brought out by great food, artistic and homey ambiance, positive energies and unhurried, joyful conversations.

To grab a bite of the famous thin crust pizza, visit Handuraw Pizza Café at


You can also check out their Web site at 
You can also like them on Facebook at HANDURAW PIZZA CAFE-DAVAO BRANCH

Before I forget thanks for my discount card...jejejejeje  :)



PICA BUFFET ONLY HERE @ Handuraw Pizza Cafe - 

Davao Branch! SEE YOU ALL on JUNE 3, 2011!
208 per head

1-7 years old- 50% off




  1. Are they accepting the Discount cards for buying one getting one free?

  2. Their discount card is not valid for promotional offers like B1T1 Promo.

  3. i'm drooling over your pics! i so love Handuraw!

    please follow me @

  4. It's been a long time since I last visited Handuraw at Quirino. Siguro, one year na :p Will check out the place again when I'm no longer busy.

  5. It is a good thing there is a new chain of pizza restaurants. Here's hoping Handuraw gets more branches in the future.

  6. I often see this place every time napapadaan ako sa Quirino Ave., haven't been there, I will try Handuraw one of this days =)

  7. How I wish they could open one here in Manila, DAvao bloggers seem to be raving about this!

  8. nice name and look at that crispy pata hahaha.. yum yum. choles.. the pizza looks yummy full of ingredients.. yum yum..

  9. Another great place to visit in Davao City. I want that crispy pata :D

  10. Pizza's quite big and looks delicious! One of the potato jojos remind me of morcon though.

  11. Pizza, mojos and crispy pata, hmmm looks like food match in heaven for me but I think, I gotta pass on the crispy pata.

  12. The combination is a bit odd. Crispy pata, pizza dishes and lechon kawali. Some really sinful dishes. But it does look promising :) Hope I can try this place soon! :)

  13. Pizza is my favorite choice of fast food! very enterprising of Cebuanos...but potato jojos??? hahahaha


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