Running for Healthy Life Part 2

Oh well another FUN RUN AGAIN.  iRUN: RUN FOR INTEGRITY...a fun run activity in celebration of the ATENISTA AKO, Maligdong Month and for the benefit of PEns of Hope.

How we start our FUN RUN.

Brian Don Congson
Brian Don Congson

Brian Dan Congson
and more stretching.....

 I started running and was feeling ok, my times weren't as bad as I thought and both my body and mind were doing well too. 


I decided to join one of the running groups here in Davao City.  I had been checking groups out since I started running, but never joined until now.  I decided to join ATENEO RUN FOR SENDONG and ATENEO: iRUN. They seemed liked a cool group and one key factor for me was that ATENEO DE DAVAO UNIVERSITY is the one organizing it and since I graduated from that university I feel at home.  And wanted to get into trails this year, it seemed perfect to run with them. 

I ran my first race with Maying Dadula and Kris Ybanez on March 2, 2012.   It went well and everyone was so happy and enjoying the run.   It was a fun race and I was happy with my time and how I felt.  So we decided to run again.   I actually started to think that maybe some longer races would be in my cards. I started looking at the days I could run and came up with a plan......actually I had been thinking about this for awhile, just needed a few good running days to pump me up. 

March 10, 2012.  We agreed to run 5K miles.  

....running with Evalyn...Me look exhausted need water!!!!!

                                           ...running with Kris Ybanez... Me busy updating my Facebook Status..hahahahahaha

Even one of our friends can't join us in running, we still continue to run because we had our goal to finish 5K in an hour.  

  1hr and 8sec I made it!!!!

  Tired???...YES but looks HAPPY!!!!

Right now, looking forward for another FUN RUN, but I am going to hold off signing up until I can get a few more solids weeks of  running and just running in to see if it is doable, I mean practical run.  I will make my training plan all written up, it will just be sticking to it and seeing just how well I know my body and mind!  See you again FUN RUN.  :)