Last September 1, I was asked to attend the Globe Business Retail Revolution at SM Lanang Premier.

Globe Business Retail Revolution is a one-day event that includes a real pop-up store displaying Globe Business's digital solutions for micro, small, and medium companies (MSMEs) in the retail industry. It intends to motivate businesses to revolutionize their retail game and experience the retail store of the future now.

Globe Business sees tech-enabled enterprises as the future of retail and is committed to being a trusted and reliable partner in the digital transformation journey of wholesale and retail MSMEs.

The event showcases the concept of Connected Retail, which focuses on connecting consumers' online and offline experiences. Whether your company has a physical or online store, your end-customers will be able to transact with your company smoothly. Connected Retail attempts to seamlessly link businesses with customers by providing a seamless shopping experience, employing targeted marketing and an improved supply chain process, offering payment options, and providing employees with the tools to collaborate more effectively.

I consider myself quite fortunate to have been granted Media Access to observe how the flow of transactions in a company that uses the seamless Globe Business Retail Revolution works.

Before the event, invited media, bloggers, and digital content creators convened at Bigby's for a brief lunch, and we were given a token by Globe Business via GCash to spend on whatever we wanted inside the Globe Business retail booth. And, sure, I was delighted to use it because Malagos Homeground was one of the participating retailers.

I'd been wanting to sample Malagos Homeground pastries after reading excellent reviews about their Ensaymada, so I purchased three Ensaymada varieties and one Oatmeal Cookie. I paid with cash, but they didn't have change for large bill, and I remembered the token, so I used my GCash and only paid P325 for the transaction.

How simple it is to conduct a transaction using GCash. I hope that every wholesaler and retailer accepts this type of digitalization so that clients have no problems with actual money, especially if it is a large cost.

RETAIL REVOLUTION: Journey to Digital Transformation

Ms. Kath Janda, Globe Business Manager - Segment Marketing, Integrated Marketing, gave the introductory comments to officially kick off the event.

A welcome speech was then given by the DTI Region XI Assistant Regional Director, Mr. Romeo L. CastaƱaga.

Globe Business is committed to shaping Filipino Retail businesses towards a stronger tomorrow with the following products and digital solutions:

Solutions that grow with Businesses 
  • GPlan Biz - Customized mobile plan with solutions that best cater to businesses
  • GFiber Biz - Enhance business connectivity by utilizing equal upload and download speeds, accompanied by unlimited internet access and unlimited calls to both mobile and landline networks. Additionally, entrepreneurs  get the flexibility to select from a range of Free Business essentials and the option to acquire Premium add-ons tailored to their business requirements.
  1. Solutions to enhance connectivity
  2. Symmetric Feature (equally fast speeds for uploads and downloads)
  • Digital Solutions built for MSMEs
  1. Basic Website with ECommerce by Prosperna - A basic website service with an ecommerce application that allows Globe Business customers to create their own eCommerce store and seamlessly manage their customers’ transactions including ordering, payment, and delivery.
  2. Inventory Management Solution by Zayls - Improve business efficiency with end-to-end digitization of supply chain operations from inventory, purchasing, accounting, order management, and sales account management to product delivery.
  3. ChatGenie - An e-commerce solution that helps retail businesses boost sales and manage their social media sales channels in one page.
  4. M360 Web DIY - A service that helps businesses engage with customers throughpersonalized and timely messages via SMS and different messaging apps. 

It is easier to learn about their products and digital solutions services if we listen to experts, which is why Globe Business invited five speakers to provide us with additional information about their products and services.
  • Jayson Lo

I am delighted to see Mr. Lo in person. I've mostly seen him give his speech on social media. Most of his speeches are inspiring, especially when he talks about his personal experiences related to his company's operations.

He discusses Fostering Resilience and Innovation among MSMEs as a Key to Success throughout his presentation.

  • Atty. Paul Santos

According to Atty. Paul he's not a practicing lawyer. He is more focused on his business, and as Vice Chairman of the Philippine Retail Association, he contributes to the empowerment of the Philippine Retail Landscape by navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

  • Francis "FRO" Oliva 

He is Prosperna Philippines' Head of Growth. He describes the simplest approach to conducting business by implementing Prosperna E-Commerce in your organization.

  • Lerick Elipe

Rakuten Viber is now well-known in the e-commerce industry. I use VIBER and am aware that many large corporations are now using this platform to promote and advertise their products.

His presentation, Driving Business Growth with Viber: Leveraging E-Commerce Solutions for Success, is extremely relevant today, particularly to the Y and Z generations. I hope that everyone uses this platform now because it is FREE and simple to utilize in a developing business.

  • Arnold Infante

As the MIS Director of Sophia Jewellery, he explains to people how their organization thrives on digitization and the influence it has on their company. And how Globe Business helps them be innovative, optimistic, and passionate about promoting their store.

The session concluded with statements from Ms. Josephine Romero, Go Negosyo Senior Adviser to the ASEAN BAC PH Chairman. 

Go Negosyo is the advocacy arm of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE), a non-profit organization that promotes for a change in MINDSET and ATTITUDE. 

As a marketing graduate, I find forums like this quite beneficial. I'm really delighted that I was invited to attend the Globe Business Retail Revolution media event. Updating my marketing skills is an important step in keeping up with the ever-changing digital scene. It's a life-changing experience that allows me to stay current and relevant in my area.