Meet the FamBears Edition of the SM Bears of Joy

This Christmas season, SM recognizes and honors the unwavering and selfless love that Filipinos have for their families by introducing the SM Bears of Joy. It serves as a reminder that there is always a family who will love and support us no matter what, even in the midst of these challenging times. The goal of the design of the SM FamBears is to urge everyone to help a child in need by extending and sharing the love of family that the majority of us are grateful to have.

Daddy Bear is an example of a devoted parent who works hard to take care of his family and is someone you can depend on in any situation. We couldn't have asked for a better person to look up to than him.

Mommy Bear is a wonderful mother who is always there for her cubs. She is always prepared to present herself and is willing to do so at any given time. The fact that she loves without conditions makes her the most precious gift.

Brother Bear is here to make sure that everyone stays out of harm's way. He is the member of the family that is both the most cautious and the most laid-back. He is an avid gamer who also enjoys vlogging and other cutting-edge activities. Brother Bear is someone you can rely on and who is unwavering in their commitment!

Sister Bear is the most compassionate and lovable of all the FamBears! Your concerns will melt away under the warmth of her hugs and kisses. Spending time with her is delightful, and the entire family looks up to her as a major source of motivation.

The Bears of Joy 2022 are now available for purchase in a variety of SM Supermalls across the country, in addition to being sold online at the Toy Kingdom Online Store and the SM Malls Online website.

The following is an up-to-date list of locations where the SM Bears of Joy can be found:

Visit the official social media accounts of SM Cares (Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram: @OfficialSMCares) for additional information about the SM Bears of Joy 2022.