The city of Davao celebrates Kadayawan 2022 face-to-face Part 3

For the past decade. I have been blogging on Indak-Indak and Pamulak, but an opportunity suddenly opened itself that I simply cannot ignore. It's a last-minute invitation from LIONHEARTTV, stating that they needed attendance from a representative at the GMA REGIONAL TV Mediacon, which will take place over the course of two days.

August 19, 6PM. Ms. Lariza Garcia informed me via Facebook message that LionHeartTV requires a representative to gather film from the two-day GMA REGIONAL TV Mediacon scheduled for August 20 "LOLONG" and 21 "STARTUPPH" at 1:00 p.m. respectively. I responded affirmatively. Ms. Garcia then introduced me to Mr. Richard Paglicawan of LionHeartTV.

I've been a part of GMA Mediacon for three years, and I assumed that this event would not take place due to our current health rules. When Mr. Paglicawan asks me if I am okay to undergo an antigen test, I am apprehensive to submit to the procedure. I should note that I am unvaccinated and this is my first antigen test. But he assured me not to worry because the SALIVA ANTIGEN TEST is quick and simple. Then I consent to the procedure, and Ms. Irene Fernando of GMA REGIONAL TV text message me asking for my address, and on the same day I receive my antigen kit.

August 19, 11PM. Kit was delivered. Upon receiving the kit, I immediately begin the testing procedure. Viola! I'm NEGATIVE!

August 20. 12 noon. Having been asked to bring along an additional member of the Davao Social Media, I arrived at Asia Restaurant very early to accompany one of my group's representatives. He would need to pass a screening before being admitted to the event itself. Thank God he's negative as well.

The cast of Lolong experienced delayed flights, which resulted in the mediacon starting later than expected. They are required to consume their meal and then spend some time to relax after arriving.

August 20, 3PM. Mediacon began. The cast of Lolong introduced themselves prior to the Q&A portion.

From left: Rochelle Pangilinan, Arra San Agustin, Ruru Madrid and Shaira Diaz

Lolong, a story of a man's incredible bond with a huge crocodile named Dakila, is produced by GMA Public Affairs' award-winning team. Ruru Madrid, Shaira Diaz, Arra San Agustin, Christopher de Leon, Jean Garcia, Bembol Roco, Malou de Guzman, Rochelle Pangilinan, Paul Salas, Marco Alcaraz, Mikoy Morales, and Maui Taylor comprise the show's formidable cast.

Kapuso Kadayawan Festival GMA Regional TV Mediacon held at Asia Restaurant, Davao City

As the show entered a new phase in August, viewers were introduced to Vin Abrenica, Thea Tolentino, Alma Concepcion, Rafael Rosell, and Lucho Ayala as new characters.

Every night, the history of the Atubaws continues to unfold and more secrets are revealed. The conflict between the Atubaw and Bansons has begun. Will Lolong succeed in rescuing his people? Whose will be the next fatality?

The crocodile-themed drama series, directed by Rommel Penesa and Conrado Peru, was conceived by award-winning broadcast journalist and GMA News mainstay Jessica Soho and Assistant Vice President for GMA Public Affairs LJ Castel.

Davao Media, Davao Social Media, and Content Creators
with the cast of LOLONG

After the Mediacon, they head to Gaisano Grand City Gate for a day dedicated to fans. I was unable to join them because I had to attend a prior engagement.

August 21. 12 noon. Again, I must arrive early because I am asked to introduce another member of our Davao Social Media and Content Creators group. Before entering the area, he must be screened. Likewise, he is negative!

This time mediacon will be held at Cafe Julieta.

As soon as I arrived at the location, I ensured that the lighting was superior than that of the prior video I had taken. I don't like to make mistake again in filming. While we wait, we enjoy a scrumptious lunch and a briefing from the GMA team, discussing the flow of the mediacon, who will begin the questioning, etc.

At 2:00 p.m., the actors of Lolong arrived at Cafe Julieta from Pamulak. They grab lunch first, followed by the mediacon.

The last time I interviewed Alden Richard was when he promoted his television series "THE GIFT" in Davao City, and that was in 2019. I'm really eager to see Alden Richard again because it's been so long since we've seen each other.

It was my first time interviewing Jeric Gonzales, and I think he has a lot of potential and is already showing signs of being a great celebrity in the future.

From left: Jeric Gonzales and Alden Richards

Alden co-stars alongside the multitalented Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo in Start-Up PH. GMA Network announced at the beginning of this year that it has acquired the exclusive rights to create a local remake of the hit South Korean television series 2020. Based on the original format "Start Up" created by Hyeryeon Park and produced by Studio Dragon Corporation, co-produced by Studio Dragon and CJ ENM, "Start-Up" evaluates one of the world's most advanced tech sectors and provides a glimpse of the struggles and obstacles one must overcome to build a successful business from scratch.

Yasmien Kurdi, Gabby Eigenmann, Jackie Lou Blanco, Ayen Munji-Laurel, Nio Muhlach, Lovely Rivero, Neil Ryan Sese, Boy 2 Quizon, Royce Cabrera, Kevin Santos, Tim Yap, Kaloy Tingcungco, Brianna Bunagan, Gianna Llanes, and Ms. Gina Alajar are also featured in the film, which was directed by Jerry Sineneng and Dominic Zapata.

Davao Media, Davao Social Media, and Content Creators
with the cast of START UP PH

After the mediacon they proceed to Vista Mall Davao to have their fans day. As usual, I haven't join them because of prior engagement (again).

With that, my Kadayawan Experience for the year 2022 comes to a conclusion. Wishing everyone a merry Kadayawan and hoping to see you all again next year!


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