Election in a Pandemic: My Personal Experience #Eleksyon2022

This is the day, May 9, 2022, the fate of the country will be decided by over 62 million registered voters as they make their choices of officials both from National and Local positions.

Last April 30, I visited my polling area together with my two young adults. It's already a habit for me to visit my polling place prior election. Because, as a former Comelec BEI (Board of Election Inspector), I know what scenario would happen if we will not check our names on the Voters List. That's why I also have to teach my two girls, especially my youngest as a first time voter,  because election season can be overwhelming and at the same time confusing.

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Today's election process involves pandemic safety protocols, that must be observed. Though elections is not new to me, but because of the pandemic, there are many changes in the voting guidelines, that's why we need to religiously observed.

Last 2016 election voting time is 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Now, it's 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

#ELEKSYON2022 in a PANDEMIC Experience 

It's raining here in Davao City, we woke up at 4:00 AM. The night before the election,  I told my girls to prepare their copy of their Cluster Number, Precint Number and their Assigned Number of the Comelec Voters Registrations,  put it on a piece of paper for faster movement inside the Precinct. I also remind them to bring the new normal essentials: like face mask, alcohol and personal ball pen.

Went to our polling place at exactly 5:30 AM, upon arrival the school gate is still CLOSE. We've been told that the gate will be OPEN at exactly 6:00 AM. People are already shouting to let us in because it's raining very hard and there are Senior Citizens and PWDs are waiting outside. Honestly, though social distancing is one of the safety protocols to be followed, it was never been followed.

And the clock strikes 6:00 AM, guard allowed us to enter the school and have our temperature check taken. But, because a crowd of angry people eager to get inside, the thermal checker got malfunction and again people yelling desperately as they only have one thermal checker available in the school. Well, I don't know what happened next,  how the school and the Comelec people do about it. As for us, who are done with our temperature check and we are all OK to vote, we proceed to our designated Precinct.

I went to my assigned room and ask one of the Poll Watchers and guide me to stay first in the Waiting Area.

Yes, you've heard it right! For the first time in my electoral experience, a waiting area was made, as part of the pandemic protocol in Election 2022.

The Poll Watcher calls my name and went inside the Voting Room give the piece of paper to the Electoral Board (remember the piece of paper that we prepare the night before the election) with the precinct number, sequence number and cluster precinct number. So, I skip STEP 2 Procedure here.

The Chairman assigned in my precinct, check her Voters Registration Book if my name was there and upon verifying she let me signed using my personal ball pen on the VRB and handed me my ballot secrecy folder and a marking pen.

I cast my vote exactly 6:15 AM, first feed of my secrecy ballot, the VCM (Vote Counting Machine) did not read it! Waaahhh! I prayed hard for the second time, yepppeeehhhhh! Finally, it reads. Then they give me the receipt and check if it's correct. All are CORRECT and then deposited it in the receptacle.

And at last at 6:25 AM, done voting! Early bird. First in line.

Right forefinger nail stained with inedible ink.

And as for my girls, their voting experience were also fast and smooth.


This election is definitely something new to me.

1. (New) because it's my youngest daughter first time to vote.

2. (New) because I like the Polling Area now compared previous election (it's very chaotic last year). Today, our school polling precincts are well organized despite of small problems with their Thermal Checker. 😊🤞

3. (New) we have our WAITING AREA! Love it. Queue lines, no more.

4. (New) I love the BEI's uniform shirt. I haven't taken pictures of them, but I guess you've seen it too! In our time, we don't have that kind of uniformity in terms of shirt to wear, but we request for it though.

5. (New) VAD or Voters' Assistance Desk is now visible. 😝😝😝🤪 And now, they're all organized. Copies of the Voters List and Cluster Precinct are posted in the GYM area too!

6. (New) And lastly,  first time to vote wearing a mask! 🤪🤪🤪🤞

Well, those are just my newest observations in this Election 2022 amidst pandemic. As this will be one of many other instances where you go out and exercise your rights as a Filipino.

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