The Cryptic Post of Elisse and Mccoy foreshadow Breakup "AYOKO NA"!

In a relationship there's always an Ups and Downs. They always say, it's normal and its inevitable. We cannot control what's going on, and as significant they are, we pay little attention to the changes as they become part of our daily life. Partners tend to believe that we have control over our relationships, that is sometimes both don't know how to fix it and in the end partners will argue a lot in small things and sometimes if we don't know what to do, we give up!

"Ayoko na" meaning "I don't want it anymore". You will find that your relationship is uncomfortable,  both of you is in a dark place, and you're not certain when or how things happened. This is what I found out between these two partners, Elisae Joson and Mccoy de Leon. I was shocked when I read their posts in the social media respectively.

‘Ayoko na. Gabi gabi na lang akong walang tulog’: Elisse and Mccoy foreshadow break-up in cryptic post 


Elisse Joson and Mccoy de Leon, or “McLisse”, were first discovered through the popular reality television show Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 back in 2016. Both contestants were very expressive of their feelings, especially Mccoy. And fans were also quick to notice that they have an undeniable connection and chemistry. As years went by, the two showbiz newbies went from close friends to being first-time parents to 10-month-old daughter Felize McKenzie.

Many fans follow the two PBB alums on their social media platforms, and they were left shocked and wondering what happened to the two, especially just after Elisse’s birthday surprise party for Mccoy and Felize’s baptism. In the afternoon of March 04, 2022, Elisse published a cryptic post.

According to the actress, “Akala ko okay na pero nakakapagod pala. Gabi-gabi na lang akong walang tulog. Babad sa isip ko kung paano matitigil yung paghihirap namin ni baby. Ayoko na.”

This post did not sit well with fans of the couple. They shared theories on what could be the source of this tension. Some say there could be issues within their families, financial problems, and many more.

Later that day, Mccoy also took a jab at the issue and posted what he was feeling.


Mccoy expressed how he also feels weighed down by the situation, “Nahihirapan na din ako.” Regardless of how hard things are right now, the young father is not giving up on his partner and daughter saying he will find a way to give them protection, “At sana kahit ganito, hindi tayo bumitaw dahil gagawin ko ang lahat mapasaya at maprotektahan lang kayo.”

We have reached out to both camps about this issue, and they are still yet to respond. 

Hope both camps will respond to answers all the queries regarding their posts. I know that Good Communication,  no matter how busy you are both, see to it that you can sit down with your partner and have a one-on-one time talk without the busyness of life. Make it easy — nothing over the moon or strenuous. The goal is to TALK and have fun - together. 

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