My Addiction With Korean Dramas

I was asked by a friend about how I become a Korean Drama or KDrama addict. It started in the year 2017, when a toxic relationship ended and I want myself to be busy aside from having an online job.

My first drama was "MY SECRET ROMANCE" and I fell in love with the drama so as with the two leading characters, starring Sung Hoon as Jin-wook and Song Ji-eun as Yoo-mi. A story of a nutritionist get entangled in series of misunderstanding with her new chaebol boss - who turns out to be someone she slept for a one night stand in the past.

It's so addicting, that I even stalk their IG account to see how their life outside their characters. Don't you find me so weird that when bashers comment I make sure I'll defend them. They create a thread of a beautiful love story which shouldn't happen or maybe it happened but in a different way. A mix of a sad & love story between a relationship with a mother and a daughter and life of the female lead after that "one night stand". The relationship with her boss that obviously she will fall for him and vice versa.

And I also watched "Faded to Love You", "Cinderella and the Four Knights", etc... anyway, all kdramas are good ending..hmmm..somehow the LOVE beats every nature law! Why I mention this – it's because this how kdramas would look more or less.

I've watched 100+ kdramas and I realized that all are basically similar. And even if it's the same you don't mind it, you keep on watching. They give you such emotional comfort and a bit of a fairy world and an imaginative boyfriend!

It's been 4 years now that I started my kdrama journey. Yes! Exactly this month of June that I'm hooked with this trend. Currently,  I'm watching now "The Penthouse Season 3", "Miss Monte-Cristo", "Zombie Detective", "Doom at Your Service", "Mad For Each Other", "My Roommate Is Gumiho". Just finish watching "So, I Married An Anti-Fan", "Sell Your Haunted House", "Youth of May", etc...

I'm a CERTIFIED KOREAN DRAMA ADDICT! 🤣😂😘 Though I get more and watch more interesting things online, but my love about Korean Drama will never be erase in my system.  Especially,  it's pandemic and most of my time are in my personal computer or mobile because of my VA work (if not busy, I watch kdrama). I also watch other videos in YouTube and TikTok, but my obsession of kdramas are still there 😁.

Yes, I have still my Career Life aside from being obsessed with the kdramas. And to be honest,  Korean Drama are way too addictive! I can't stop it 🤣😂😘

Are you also a Korean Drama Addict or Obsessed with Korean Dramas? Let me know, comment down 👎 below.