Mapping Davao Oriental #RockSummer Experience by Visit Davao Fun Sale

Our trip to Davao Oriental is a pitch of Davao City Tourism Visit Davao Fun Sale Davao Region #rocksummer experience. Bringing you the best summer adventures you can get from eco-adventure tours, iconic sports and culture and lifestyle experiences this 2017. A season-long discount extravaganza from hotels, malls, restaurants, airlines, and wellness centers starting from April 16-May 31.


It's a long trip and this means a daunting task. Not my first time travel, but still I'm easy to get overwhelmed---well, that's me!  ;);)   I've planned countless trips for myself before together with my family and friends, and over the years I've developed an efficient checklist to ensures I don't miss anything important. My greatest fear is that, I don't want to get to my destination and realize I forget something.

I've decided to pack with me the essentials in my backpack. My clothes good for 2 days trip (March 10 and 11, 2017), my 2 mobile cameras, 2 power banks, sanitary napkins(you know girl thingy), wet wipes and sunblock lotion(it's summer, better have one for sun protection!) and a journal to write my experiences throughout the journey.

Day 1

Take Tionko AveCircumferential Rd and Bacaca Road to Davao City Diversion Rd/Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26 follow Follow Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26 and Surigao - Davao Coastal Rd to Banaybanay

From Marco Polo, Davao City (our meeting place) to Cafe Pintatagan, Banaybanay, Davao Oriental is 2 hrs and 4 mins (92.6 kms) travel. We have our breakfast stop at Cafe Pintatagan together with the chosen media, Manila Bloggers, Davao Digital Influencers and VDFS staff.

We've stayed for awhile waiting for the police to escort us going to Mati City, Davao Oriental. Had a brief discussion of our Davao Oriental itinerary by the Davao Oriental Tourism Officer.

A land formation that looks exactly like a submerged dinosaur sleeping on its belly.    

As our police escort arrives, travel continues and have our second stop at one of the famous attractions in Davao Oriental the "Sleeping Dinosaur" located along Badas Point in Barangay Dawan. The trip takes as for about 1hr and 3mins (58.5 km).

A minute of taking selfies and group photos.

Photo credit  +Glen Santillan 

We had our courtesy call at the City Hall of Mati and we are welcomed by Mr. Ednar Gempesaw Dayanghirang, City Executive Assistant of the City Mayor Hon. Nelson L. Dayanghirang. 

Almost lunch time and all the excitement got us hungry, we have our break at Menzi Beach Park and Campsite, Dahican.

It's a good place to have fun and tent camping with families and friends. For those who may not aware of it, Menzi Park is the home of the Summerfrolic attendees for almost a year now!

An entrance fee for P50, inclusive of parking and tent space and swimming. Rooms are available for an overnight stay. Camping sites and cottages are available for first-come-first served basis.

From the City Hall of Mati to Menzi Park 
it will take you 18 mins

Our day of activities is not yet over, another attractions awaits us, the Subangan Museum.

A museum showcasing the history, culture, natural heritage and the progress that made develop the diversity of life of the people in the province called Davao Oriental. 

A 53 feet long and weighing 20 metric tons (live weight)  huge skeleton of a sperm whale called DavOr will greet you upon entering the museum.

A 15 minutes ride from Menzi Park to Subangan Museum 

Our tour inside the museum takes us for about 20 minutes. 

We had our quick snack at the Seaside Restaurant and try their famous empanada.

From Seaside Restaurant we went to the Mindanao Saga Flying Club to see and experience their Ultra-light plane.

MSFC adjusted their rate last June 2016 and their rate from PHp1600 is now PHp2300 for 15 minutes only. And they no longer have trial flights.

We have our dinner and stayed the night at the Dahican Cove. It came out P4,000 per night (good for four).

This is where the guests can have their meals and lounging area.

Day 2

I got to see the sunrise (that's why I sleep early) and excited to get up and watch the sun rises.

The sun rises at 5:30am, but I woke up too early at 4am - well it's fine to be outside just as the sun rises according to a friend, it is the hour after sunrise that is the best and gives the best photographic lights and I agree!

Take our breakfast and off we go to the prominent Pusan Point Science Discovery Center and Eco-Park located at Brgy. Santiago, Municipality of Caraga. A one hour and 30 minutes ride from Mati to Caraga.

"Where the sun shines first", the tagline adopted by Davao Oriental. A tourism landmark, where the "First Millennium Sunrise" took place.

A quick stop at Baganga Sunrise Boulevard.

And travel again going to Aliwagwag Falls Eco Park, Cateel, Davao Oriental.

Entrance Fee: PHp50
Table Fee: PHp75 (you can bring your own food, no corkage)
Monkey Bridge Fee: PHp50 (admit one only)

We had our lunch here and stayed for 3 hours just to experience crossing a hanging bridge called the "MONKEY BRIDGE" in the middle of the magnificent falls.

Actually, I did not attempt to cross the bridge because of my fear of heights, the bridge crumbling under me or something that cause panic attacks (gephyrophobia)! Hahaha....

However, I still find this adventure very exciting because we are bridging Davao Oriental to the other side of the world, promoting it as the new capital of extreme adventure and fun and what some would say that --- to travel in Davao Oriental is to learn something new & useful that help shape a huge part of everyone's life.

It's a long road trips and it's truly a blast especially if you are travelling in a group.

Thanks so much Visit Davao Fun Sale for including #TeamDDI to be part of your Experience Davao Oriental #rocksummer adventure.

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