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Last Sunday, December 27 at 2 p.m., I was invited to attend a Post-Christmas Bloggers Gathering.

During that day, I'm not feeling well, but need to join for it was a long planned by our group and also at the same time I need to get my GC from a sponsor.  

First time to join a blogger gathering during Holidays held at Happy Cakes by Zeny M.(I will post about Happy Cakes at my Foodie Pal Online site.)

This year the theme is "TO GATHER AROUND" a celebration of Friendship and Stories that bring Food Enthusiast's and Beauty/Lifestyle Fanatic's together at this time of the year.

Photo Credit to Naprey Almario
Behind the Rolling Chair

Accompanied by my youngest daughter, I went there late an hour past start time. I'm not that well but it doesn't stop me from going.

What really amaze me is that, aside from the GC I get from REKADO(thanks Ma'am Lena), I also get many freebies and giveaways from Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto, Maria Celeste Noblefranca of Busy Queen PhilsFly Ace Corporation(MAY Red and White Wine and LOTUS BISCOFF), BioEssence, Aromacology Sensi and Happy Cakes.

So lucky indeed to get all these prizes!

Greatly overwhelmed with what I've got this Holiday season, I was reminded how out of shape I am literally wherein I have no idea how I can spend my Holiday with this illness and no time to spare with families and friends.

And just in time, I came to a room to a hush that I am super duper late for a party and my heart is convicted on the spot that I have come to a right place of gathering. And I couldn't help but to cry quietly, how happy I am to be part of the team. Thanks so much Ms. +Jojie Alcantara for giving me the opportunity to work with people that share the same goals, interests and satiable passion for food, beauty, health and wellness.

In every season, we have this so-called TENSION. Where life is so moment our hearts full of joy, and the next minute can be filled of sorrow and pain.      

Get through the Holidays with CONFIDENCE. Even if your not OKAY, and you want to break free from illness and stress --- good way is to enjoy yourself with good friends. And get a lot of FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS too!!!


Thanks a lot 2015!!!!

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