She Is Me: The Raising of My Mother Mini-Me #HappyMothersDay #MothersDay

This Mother's Day is definitely all about our mom. Talking about how much we love them, how we care for them and how thankful we are to have them as our mother.

That look of the finest woman we have for almost thousands of times since birth.

This Mother's Day is definitely all about my Mama.

I will give honor to my very own mother on this very special day, because she really done such a good job.

My Amazing. My Beautiful.
My Best Friend. My Mama.

I am indeed blessed, proud and appreciate my mother strength and giving up her career as a teacher just to stay at home for the sake of giving me the full attention to care and guide me all the way --- 24/7.

I will not argue, but I can't help smiling everytime I will remember the stupidity I've made during my college years, you can see that to her face that she is totally pissed off. And me totally STUBBORN. SASSY-Type B. She stood before me and look at me with no longer phases. I know she's mad---I am quiet, and a sense of obeying her words without asking anymore questions.

I do exactly remember what causes her look and being pissed with matching crossed arms with a chin up head, this is when she knew that I am in my first 12 weeks or in my 3 months pregnancy.  Yes, I got pregnant at age 23, that time I am taking up my second course in college.

For her, I am her life, her world. I am the only child and all of these years she was with me all throughout. Then suddenly, I was lost at her sight and found out that her little girl got pregnant. Her world suddenly STOP.

I give birth - Mama was there.

I have my two kids now and got separated to my husband -- Mama was there.

Recalling the good things she has done to me is priceless. Though there are times we have our little arguments, still Mama has been always there for me.


Being strong - SHE IS ME.

The strength I have right now as a single mother I get it from my Mama. My mother is my LIFE right now and as a result, I now understand how much my Mama did for me.

My Mama has provided me a path of strength, endurance and had to make tough decision of her life and that is to resign from her job and be with me. Now, I did the same just like her, but in different scenarios that is when I made my hardest decision to become a single parent to my kids and to raise them alone.

Mother Mini-Me

My Mama has been an inspiration for us together with my two daughters. We appreciate everything she has done.

I know the balancing of time and responsibility seems overwhelming, and thanks God, He had given us a mother like my Mama who teaches us with so much love, respect and compassion. Who give us confidence and I am deeply touched with her words and I will carry that till the end of time.

She's my reflection. She test the strength in me --- my self-confidence.

That I belong to her and she belong to us(with her grandchildren). And when time comes that she's going to leave us, her legacy will live through me, her Mini-ME.

Here's a song dedicated to all Mothers!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!




  1. What a nice tribute to your mom. Lucky you Pal for having your mom at your side.

  2. Aw, how touching. Happy (belated) Mother's Day to your mom!


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