Davao City and Angeles City Sisters Pact Agreement

Everyone is asking about the pact made by the two cities, Davao and Angeles.  What about this? What PACT is this? What sisterhood pact are they referring to?


Last February 23, 2015, the local chief executive of Angeles City signed a memorandum of agreement(MOA) with the City of Davao, this is to established a sisterhood city pact that will help nourished, nurture and encourage cooperation between the two local governments and its constituents(read more HERE).

Talks about the GOVERNMENT SANS BOUNDARIES, which is the GOAL of our city Mayor, Rody Duterte and Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan, an agreement to serve the people's welfare, and focus to the mutual support and opportunities that will benefit the two cities.

PEACE AND ORDERS POLICY, in which the Mayor of Angeles City wants to follow, as he describe Davao City as one of the safest cities in the Philippines.


It aims to promote strong ties, mutual understanding, friendship and goodwill in accordance of the agreement as sisterhood cities, through culture, education, arts & tourism, science and technology, youth development and awareness, public health advocacy, sports, environments, social services and a lot more.

Davao City has also forged sister-city agreement with:

  1. Guangxi Zhuang, Autonomous Region, China
  2. Quezon City, Philippines
  3. Tacoma, Washington, United States
  4. Vladivostok, Primorsky, Krai, Russia
  5. Uijeonbu City, South Korea      

WHAT IS A SISTER CITYIt is a long term relationship between two cities or countries. That will carry potential activities of any international program, the likes of professional(business), educational, sports and cultural exchange of projects.

The agreement of the two cities, Davao and Angeles, share information, including their best brochure in promoting tourism, city reports, and videos(if available). Develop strong city hall and business support and most importantly the people of the said cities will support and respect the said sister-city agreement to give concrete success and build meaningful friendship for both sides.

This will be a great news to all Dabawenyos, the more sister cities we have, the more opportunities we will get!



  1. Détente is probably one of the best mayors in the country. I wonder if he really plans to run for president next year. Would you vote for him?

  2. More progress for both cities. Hope Davao and Muntinlupa will soon signed a similar pact.

  3. That's good it will enhance the peace of the community in the city

  4. I like the sister city arrangement. It promotes both cities and establish a lot more opportunities.

  5. Wow I didn't know that are such thing as sister-cities. I thought only countries have allies that help support one another.

  6. It's the first time I've heard such thing as sisterhood pact. I did hear that Davao is a safe city though I've yet to visit there and see for myself. I hope this pact serves its purpose well.

  7. Good to know that Davao and Angeles are sister cities now! I'm from Pampanga but unfortunately not in Angeles.

    Sacramento, where I live now is also sister to cities Manila and Pasay. I have yet to research what our city has planned in the future for those two places in the Phils.