Couples Amazing Selfie Proposal Goes Viral On The Internet

Getting engage is so viral this year, proposal here and everywhere.  A lot of articles I have read lately are more on getting in to a different kind of proposal thingy from indirect way or what they called the snide, to rude and just simple but shocking proposal.

photo credit: The Proposal via photopin (license)

It is getting popular to see more single ladies and more diamond put in ladies ring finger.

Just like in this video, it happened this month of February, 12 of 2015 with 2M viewers and 14474 LIKES as of today(Feb 20).

Watch the hilarious reaction of the now bride-to-be.

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This is different, a bit shocking proposal, but what makes it different from other viral proposal we have seen is that, the proposer itself secretly records everything by pretending to take a standard style of a SELFIE(not using the selfie pod).

Great proposal, I agree!