Things To Do When You Are Home Alone This Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is here.  You can hear it through songs, movies, stories or with everyone telling you that this is the season to be with families, friends and relatives or with our love one's but finding yourself being alone is another story.  This is the hardest part celebrating Christmas season being HOME ALONE.

Remember the movie of an 8 year old boy accidentally left behind by his families during Christmas?

Kevin McCallister played by Macauley Culkin was left home all alone. Being home alone was FUN for Kevin especially when he discovers there are burglars about to rob their house on Christmas eve. A family comedy movie that loved by everyone!

But in reality, how if you find facing yourself Christmas alone because someone is missing from the celebration, if one of a family member is gone or its sick, or if you find yourself BANKRUPT and/or
no money at all? Can we still celebrate Christmas in spite of the worries?

"I must find a way to keep Christmas from coming!" oh no be realistic JEAN!!!  Christmas is coming with or without our permission, so stick with it!

Rearranging Christmas plan is so difficult, especially if you have that TRADITIONAL PLANS during Christmas but need to change because of the circumstances that need to attend, some that are mandatory.

Spending Christmas alone is not the end of the world, be creative and enjoy it...if Kevin made his Christmas eve as twice the can make it too!

First of all don't feel SORRY about YOURSELF. This can spoil your season, think positive and remember the TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS.

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Make yourself busy. Decorate your house with lavishly merry and bright Christmas decors. Put some lights around the house, so that you can SHARE it to everyone.

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Another thing to enjoy being alone is to make DIY Christmas decors. Even if you are in a hotel alone, you can make yourself Christmas decors just to make the mood so joyous.

In my case, if I feel being alone I love to sing and listening to Christmas music alleviate the mood and help you feel great! The advantage of being alone is that you can sing as loud as you can, and no feeling of embarrassment.

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And while listening to Christmas song you can send Christmas greeting cards as many as you can. You feel that you are not ALONE at all, this will help you SHARE CHRISTMAS with others. And as long you send them greeting cards, some may answer your greetings this means that they are some others thinking of you this season.

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Buy yourself some gifts. Oh well, this is my fave part! Why not treat ourselves at Christmas. Pampering and indulging ourselves with a lot of treats that only happen once in a lifetime.

Planning a Christmas meal. Celebrating alone you can serve your very own favorite food. And if you have more food, you can bring that to church and give it to the poor, that way you can spend Christmas time with others.  This is where you can reflect more and discover the real meaning of Christmas.

There so many ways to enjoy being HOME ALONE this Christmas, you can go for a walk and enjoy the magical way of NATURE or you can be a VOLUNTEER at a CHURCH or in a Hospital.  It is up to you how you handle your life being alone in another perspective.

Just always remember---YOUR LIFE IS WORTH IT and NEVER WASTE IT!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

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