Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas here in the Philippines start on the first "ber" month.  Yes, that's true! Our's is the longest celebration of the nativity of Jesus Christ here on earth. You will see lights with different colors, Christmas caroling and Christmas carols on the radio stimulate the air, it constantly fill with foods and drinks for occasion and apparels for sale for a BIG discount.

MANA Davao 2012

You will see neighbors and even strangers greet MERRY CHRISTMAS sincerely with a SMILE. Seniors too, received gifts from their loved ones from a faraway places.

It is said that the joy of Christmas is for children.

This is the month wherein children are dress in their best clothes and shoes for Christmas party in school, time to visit and show respect of their grandparents, godfather, godmother and relatives and received traditional gifts like toys and money.

The most colorful and happiest day in the year. But we don't forget the important practice we have here in the Philippines, the art of SHARING and GIVING during CHRISTMAS SEASON.  

As they say, this is the best way to express BY GIVING more than RECEIVING. 

Last year our country experience a great sadness due to TYPHOON YOLANDA struck with great fury and left a trail of devastation. But our country manages to rise up and still celebrates Christmas in simple way. 
Traditionally we do have parties, a lot of food prepared and lot of money spent for gifts but instead we send what we have saved to support people who have been affected by the typhoon. 

The whole Philippines celebrate Christmas in a quite way, we share our good and fortune to the people of Tacloban. 

Celebrating Christmas in the Philippines is also focusing with our spiritual preparation, in a way how we welcome our MESSIAH into our LIFE! How we manage our Christian spirit with GRATITUDE and TRUST to GOD who provides everything what we have.

photo credit: Waiting For The Word via photopin cc

The long celebration of Christmas in my country is not to waste money and be boastful with what you have in life, but to prepare your hearts for the whole period of the season. This will help creates a good and positive spirit as we prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Here is a video that I would like you to hear, sing and REFLECT. The song is entitled "Thank You, Ang Babait Ninyo"(Thank You, You Are So Good To Us).

Merry Christmas Philippines!

You are blessed.
They are blessed.
Together we are blessed.


  1. I hope Christmas be appreciated in its more spiritual sense than its commercial appeal though the spirit of sharing is a good thing to have.

  2. Christmas is really here already! I still have no money for gifts but my heart is ready for Jesus' coming :)

  3. I'm excited for Christmas this year. We don't have plans yet but the mere thought of giving and receiving in the holiday season mean happiness to me.

  4. Actually our country really is different, you hear Christmas carols super early!! But yes, let us all remember to keep giving, especially since the Yolanda victims have not yet fully recovered.

  5. This made me realize we're a just a few weeks before Christmas! It's my favorite time of the year because there's so much love in the air. Can't wait!

  6. Christmas in the air... Love the video, the message is just right.

  7. Christmas is the best season of giving. We must not forget how this season is created, to give and help people in a way we can.

  8. I miss celebrating Christmas in the Philippines and this post made me to miss it even more. LoL. Merry Christmas, everyone.

  9. I like the aura of these festivities. I just hope that everyone will still share their blessings with those who desperately need them.

    JeniG of Kalikotpepot

  10. "This is the month wherein children are dress in their best clothes and shoes for Christmas party" LOL! This is true! I remember wearing my polka dot skirt and pink tee for our party. baduuuuy!

    1. Hahahahaha....baduy looking back. But when we are still a kid wala tayong paki'alam sa suot natin . All we know we got new clothes and that's it...A PERFECT PASKO! Hahahaahha

  11. My Christmas is non eventual and actually a bit sad this year, I didnt feel it as much as when I was a kid

  12. Christmas celebration here in the Philippines lasts until January, it's that long. I look forward to Christmas because of the happiness it brings but I'm not looking forward with the gastos that comes with it.

  13. I love that song from the station ID of ABS CBN. Yes, you're right, we are known to be the nation that celebrates Christmas the longest.