Two people bind together as one, a relationship that had a vow, to live together eternally. A mutual understanding that expressed in the Sacrament of Matrimony.

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It's like a fairy tale story, finding your Prince Charming or your Queen and have a happy ending, "TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER".

But when MISTRUST comes in, love totally goes away.

Every relationship there's always a trial as they usually say, but if that trials destroys your trust it is another story.

Been betrayed many times, not once, but so many times. I suspect many of us can relate to this feeling the clinging to a grudge. We felt the anger and we wanted to REVENGE. We can easily forgive but somethings is holding us not to forget it.

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It's not easy to forget when the love of your life breaks your heart.  But it doesn't imply that if you don't have that trust you will not love again. Though the fear of trusting might be broken again, you still hold on because you believe that this is LIFE and a part of a trial that is proving you to be STRONG.

Paranoid of a little hurts, that when suspicion arises, you will feel that someone will hurt you again.

I am a POSITIVE PERSON, I think that everything run so good.  But when it comes to RELATIONSHIP I always go wrong because I think that way. Rationalizing the feelings that when this MAN do this to me, this MAN will do that to me once more.

The reality, it takes time for me to trust again.

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It will take courage to acknowledge my feelings and willingness to take a person once again in my life, to bring back that trust again I have to start it within myself. 

It takes a mutual commitment to hear and honor what other person once to say about me. And moving beyond instead of living from the past full of memories.

Rehashing the old ideas into a new form without changing any significant details just to help me improve myself. And to think that everything had a good purpose why that person is hurting me.

And to believe, that there will be that someone who will treat me RESPECT and give CONSIDERATION in everything that I do. I will not close my door for love.

Read this from an FB post: 
The thing about being DEFENSIVE in everything you do is that everything becomes a BATTLE, and no one ever WINS.

I will love-hurt-love-hurt over and over. Only this time I will take precautions, I will ask myself IF I AM READY to take the RISK? And I am ready to TRUST again?


  1. hmmm kaya pala hindi mo accept ang Friend Request ko kasi you have that attitude of rationalizing the feelings :) anyway this is a nice blog… write more please

    1. Hahahahaha...ikaw talaga +FrancisMorilao joker masyado.