Happy 10th Birthday Facebook

Long time ago,  people were actually experiencing the difficulty binding to connect into a book-life form reaching out and catching up with friends. And here come the Social Networking Sites, wherein it helped us get closer to our friends, even if they're miles away from us.

I can still remember how I set about opening myself to a new world of communication like into a Social Networking Sites.

The first site I've joined is the FRIENDSTER,this is the most popular social networking sites being used to communicate and connect with friends. Followed by MySpace, actually this site is giving more users the freedom than Friendster, this is where I spend my whole life connecting with people and I love the idea in customizing music, videos with a hipper online environment that everyone enjoys. 

But we live in a lifetime world of advancing in terms of technologies the glory days of Friendster and MySpace have passed and its popularity is now surpassed by THEFACEBOOK.

THEFACEBOOK was launched in 2004 co-founded by Mark Elliot Zuxkerberg, its primary goal is to connect only with US college friends in school specifically in Harvard. But everything changes so fast, THEFACEBOOK becomes the most popularly used social networking site exclusive only for Harvard student, you can only access the site if you are invited by a member of Facebook. Two years later, the site becomes open to public. Anticipated by million of users they go under changing and remodeling THEFACEBOOK into FACEBOOK. And it was in year 2008 that FACEBOOK becomes the leading social networking site all over the world.

I was attached with MySpace that time and I said I will never joined Facebook bandwagon. Hearing positive reaction from a site member that Facebook claim million of users and it reached outstripping its closest rival MySpace. I was a bit intrigue and I said I will joined but will soon leave if I will feel that it is still the same with MySpace.

I've joined Facebook in year 2009 and honestly I love it here!  I was amazed with the format they used, I am not losing or feel tired.  There is a fast connection with friends and relatives that are now living miles away, it never happened in my Friendster or in MySpace sites.

So many things happened in my experience with FACEBOOK and I am very thankful...

... a great reunion with high school friends.
... the connection of lost loved ones.
... finding true happiness.
... making peace with enemies(in a way).
... making new friends.
... having great groups.
... and financially gaining.

Here's my 5 year LOOK BACK video from FACEBOOK.

How to transfer and share "A LOOK BACK" Facebook Video to Youtube?

Happy 10th Birthday FACEBOOK!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Facebook. It has really influenced how we interact with each other.

  2. I initially didn't want to join Facebook as I was scared it might be too invasive of privacy. Oh well that seems ages ago now.

  3. Facebook is truly the face of the future, a vital form of media created just for the world.

  4. I also joined Facebook sometime in 2009. That time I was inlove with Friendster, haha. And because of FB, we have found my Aunt na 15 years na di namin nakita. Facebook has helped a lot of people to connect..

  5. I think I also joined Facebook towards the latter part of 2009. I was so adamant not to join at first but then everyone really got into it and I didn't want to be left out. Haha!

  6. Happy birthday Facebook! Can't believe it's been around for 10yrs. What a milestone! It makes me feel old though. I first joined the site in 2006 or 2007, but the account I'm using was registered in latter part of 2008. Back then I joined any and all new sites.

  7. Happy Birthday Facebook!! I hope that things will get better and you will not suffer the demise of friendster.


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