Back2Love Foam Party: A Night To Remember

It's a night that I can't forget, first time to have a foam beach party in my entire life. Perhaps you will recollect that I sound too old then, well maybe that's true. 

In my younger age we don't experience this kind of a party, a foam party right beside the beach.

Hesitant to attend the BACK2LOVE Foam Party, well, it's because I don't have any idea what it's like, what kind of outfit do I wear and if I can ride on with what the generation have now. In fact, I had to Google what a foam party should look like, not as dirty as I first imagined. Looks like fun tho!


So I said to myself, I cannot miss a bit of a thing here and because I was invited by Mr. Jommel Banez of Adster/Party Animal Events Production, this will be a great deal of good honest music that resonates with a great deal of people.

Ready packing my things and together with friends joining me to experience the wide blast of good music, beautiful people, food, dance and entertainment.

Back2Love Foam Party

Turned on to ride the barge(this is my first time to ride on a barge). A trip from Davao City to IGACOS(Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte)you have to pay PHp10 for the FARE, just for a minute you are in SAMAL.

I thought we arrive late, feeling as though we've running one(1) hour behind and the party started.  Alas! As we arrived, a lot of people are lining up to buy tickets from the entrance and the party is not yet started.

We are welcomed personally by Big J with his partner DJ Lexi and Lyn the owner of Lyn Depreshore at Sunset Beach Resort. 

Big J with his partner DJ Lexi and
Lyn the owner of Lyns Depreshore
at Sunset Beach Resort
Glad to see new and old faces welcoming me to the party.

with Lyns Depreshore owner
and my old co-dancer Amor Puno 

And I said to myself again, this is really a great event and now I felt the vibrating and throbbing to curious pulses, that "I AM INDEED EXCITED!".

The event started with a FIRE DANCE.

Followed by great music from our local and Manila base DJ's.

And my most awaited part of the event, the FOAM PARTY!!!!

I really have the awesome fun playing with foams together with my new buddies Peng, Dongdong and Cheryl.

Thanks so much guys for joining me!

I have more fun interacting with the crowd. You get to sing and dance with the music DJ's playing. You really have to show your real colours and all that your capable of, and now I get why they called the team a Party Animal. 

You are FREE TO FLY; YOU ARE FREE TO MOVE here and everywhere... 

This is what we called "FREEDOM".  You can feel the crowd energy gradually changing on different stages, it only goes higher and higher. A lot of impromptu things happening in the stage and I think that's wonderful.

Special thanks to BACARDI BLACK.  Whew! this rum hit me the best and feels so great!

THE RUM with a PACK!

Well, so much FUN and ENTERTAINMENT had happened and I thank BIG J for that. Without him I'd not experience this kind of a party.

And hearing for the upcoming event from Adster/Party Animal Events Production for next month add my excitement.  You really have to come for this show.  You must because this would be a rocking hard core dance party again. We will have a lot of fun, this would be a night which you won't forget.

Mark your calendar now, March 14, Friday at Club Velvet.  Until further notice.  Stay tuned.

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  1. This is a nice parties and you even get to ride a barge in between. It's definitely a good night to remember.

    1. Exactly Franc, a night to remember. much fun and excitement we have here! Thanks.

  2. Judging on the photos you've shared,you had a lot of fun at the party!

  3. It's my first time to hear about this kind of party and it looks fun! I now an idea what it looks like. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I'm so jelly! I haven't been to a beach foam party - or any foam party that is. -_-

  5. What a Foam Party indeed! You enjoyed a lot with so much fun with people around you. The music's good and the food too.

  6. I miss going to parties, its been awhile since I've been one- that's totally one fun night!

  7. I didn't know that there are parties like this. Well, that's mainly because I ain't a party animal. But this sounds cool.

  8. Wow, that seems so fun! I want to attend a foam party now! :)

  9. I have never experienced a foam party before. That looks like fun. It's just too bad, I think my partying days are over. Haha!