Tindog Visayas a Call for Help for Typhoon Yolanda(Haiyan) Victims

No help is too small if we all unite.

In our group Dabawenyo Ka Kung a simple post means a lot to everyone.  

One of our member post this in our group wall: 

"Stop blaming each other.  Let's all unite and DONATE what we have.  Your support means everything to all the people in Visayas".

Then I take charge to organize relief operation for in-kind donations. Coordinating with the shop owners for a nice drop-off points locations. And thanks God all of them are willing to help and be our partner with our cause.

Additional Drop off points: 

(4) Incarnational Trading 
Dumoy beside Davao Doc Hospital 
2858294 Look for ZEE
Open: Mon-Sat: 8.30AM to 5.30PM

(5) Incarnational Trading 
Diversion Road 
2441400 look for Ana Fe
Open: Mon-Sat: 8.30AM to 5.30PM 

along McArthur Highway Cor Libra (near GSIS bldg) 
Contact Person: Luis Cabandez 
09399199219 / 09056594742 

(7) Mcjollaniking 
Corner Mergrande along the highway
Contact Person: Erick Acu 09302268520

Also with the help of other admins they contributed their talent and making our cover photo for our Facebook Page/Group and for our donation boxes.

Added to that, we also have our T-shirt for a cause wherein we sell it for only PHp75 just bring your own white shirt or you may pay for only PHp175 for the shirt plus print just bring your in-kind donations at Shirt Valley Enterprises.



The response is overwhelming, DKK members and non-members join our advocacy and donated supplies and much needed items and at the same time get the shirt for a cause. 

As of today, November 26,2013, we have 23,092 members.  And donations still keep on pouring out.  The first batch of our donations was handed over to the Philippine Red Cross Davao Chapter.

In behalf of the DKK ADMINS we would like to say thank you to everyone that makes this advocacy possible. All the administrators and especially the members without all of you people taking the time to donate and extend a hand to help our brothers and sisters in Visayas. We don't know if we would have made it through without your great response to our vocation. Thank you again to everyone and please keep giving your blessings.

We are still accepting donations. But we discourage clothes donations. Deadline will be on December 6, 2013. Thanks.


  1. I'm all with stopping the blame as we need to do more positive and just help.

    1. Correct. We need to stop blaming each other, we can't do anything to stop natural disasters. All we need is to unite and help one another.

  2. Kudos to those who have been apart of this noble endeavor. Your help have brought smiles to those affected by typhoon Yolanda and further donations will help then start a new life.

  3. I agree with stopping the blame and just do our part in helping the typhoon victims.

  4. Let's just all do our best to help our fellow countrymen. I love the design of the shirt, kudos sa designer! galeng! :))

  5. In times like this I'm proud to be a filipino. Always there extending hands for fellowmen.

  6. yes top the blaming and just help. Kudos to you and to your group from initiating a donation drive for the victims!

  7. Kudos on the successful and still ongoing relief operations! it's true that putting blame on others should simply end. Our fellows in Eastern Visayas needs more assistance. They no longer need to carry the burden of all the controversies surrounding them.

  8. Kudos to you and your team! It's really nice to help the people in need especially in these times.. more power! :)

  9. San po mag order ng tshirt? Anu po size? At panu makuha if taga bulacan po? Thanks. God bless

    1. How they can avail it:

      A. Prices: (Includes Tshirt and Printing)
      S, M. L, XL and 2XL.
      White Tshirt --- P175
      Colored Tshirt --- P190
      Kids sizes: size 12, 14, 16 and teen size P160 (tshirt with print included)

      + their in-kind donations: DON'T DARE FORGET YOUR DONATIONS!!!!!

      *sanitary napkin
      *ready to eat food

      B. PHp275 outside Philippines and outside Davao Region for shipping fee and donations:
      Metrobank Savings Account
      Account #: 6673667101418
      Name: Brendon Colongan Rojas
      Contact Number: 09209468365