How To See Who Views My Facebook Profile

Having problem who is viewing your Facebook Profile?  Want to know who are stalking you all the time?  Maybe it's your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend who are still in your Friendslist?  Or maybe your Frienemies (a blurred friendship)?

                                               photo credit: ahans via photopin cc

There are two ways to know who viewed your profile:

1. All you have to do is to download FACEBOOK STATS VIEWER It works with the new Facebook version 2013. Works with INTERNET EXPLORER,CHROME and MOZILLA FIREFOX. 

After downloading you need to unzip it using WinRar.

But before you can unzip it you have to download the PASSWORD.  It will take you time to have it because they're are many steps to follow.  NO VIRUS!

2.  And if you're not a Techy Person the easier way to know who viewed your Facebook Profile (no downloading needed) is GO TO YOUR TIMELINE FACEBOOK PROFILE.

Beside your profile picture hover your mouse and right click VIEW PAGE SOURCE.

And this will be the outcome of your PAGE SOURCE.

NOTE:  For Security Reason I hide some part of it

On the java script page press CTRL-F.  This will be the result.

Then type FRIENDSLIST then press ENTER.

And you will see FriendsList in a colored FONT like this.

As you see above there are lot of numbers followed by the FriendsList.  Those are the people who viewed you for the past days.


For example this number "100001715809920-2".

Omit " and the -2 or the last digit. Copy and paste it in your FACEBOOK SEARCH.

Delete everything up to your Facebook Account Name and paste the Profile ID (the numbers) like this

Press ENTER and you will know that person. This are the profile IDs of your friends who visit your profile more often.  

In my case, I have my friend Balyn who recently viewed me for the past days.


This is the new and safer way to see who views your Facebook Profile.

But if your trying to look for a person who is not in your Friends List then that is a problem because even though there lots of apps claiming that they can help you see who's viewing your Facebook profile outside your list, unfortunately they don't deliver the right one.

  photo credit: MoneyBlogNewz via photopin cc

We all know FACEBOOK PRIVACY RULES. And if you have downloaded so much apps just to know who stalks you outside your Friends List be sure to CHECK OUT Facebook Instructions on how to revoke some apps that accessing your account and giving you malwares like spamming through the walls of your friends timeline, page and groups.

The only way to know who viewed your FACEBOOK PROFILE outside your list is to become a stalker too, by actually see them visiting your Facebook profile. Hehehehe....


  1. In the View Page Source, if I'm not wrong, these are actually the people you Facebook-chatted with and not viewed? :)

  2. Wow! Very Big-Brotherly! I'm not sure I could figure out how to do it from the instructions since I'm not too tech savvy, but I'm going to try after work. Thanks!

  3. WOW, this is really neat! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hmmm. I am still processing all the steps. Very Interesting.

  5. Ooh i love this! how clever! thanks for shairng! xo xo

  6. Thanks for the information, it seems like a lot of work. I'll stick to just wondering who's stalking me lol

  7. Just looking at all the steps is making my head hurt! Way to techy for me!

  8. hello, can you say me facebook stats viewer password, cause when I want to download it it gives me a quiz in which I havve to pay money....;/

    1. Hello Geras, I don't have the password already. Because once you use it it will expired. So you have to get it by availing their questioners, etc...

    2. what did you do to get a password? did the quiz also?

  9. cant seem to open the password word Facebook Stats Viewer

  10. mine says 'file does not exist' when I open the link