Celebrating Mother's Day As A Single Mom

Celebrating Mother's Day as a single mom is not the same as when you were a married mom.

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What is more important is to 
celebrate Mother's Day with your kids.  And even if its not a mother's day celebration you can still be happy considering that your kids are with you.  Nothing to be upset of, single mom are single because they choose to be alone. 

Raising a child alone can be stressful.  Yes, that is very true you must know how to cope pressure and challenges.  In my case, I have my parents with me who always there to support and nurture me.

When you're confuse and might tempted to sit out this holiday because you don't feel you're not part of the celebration, THINK AGAIN!  The holiday is for us SINGLE MOM'S, this is our celebration!!!  Recreating these traditions, a celebration with family though one is missing the important part here is to reassure our children that we are still a FAMILY.

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Don't feel guilty. Don't blame yourself.  Self-pity is a NO NO NO.  Boost self esteem. Your mood  and attitude can ruin the celebration and can affect your child.  If you are still married and you celebrate mother's day so extravagant and your kids are  into that kind of thinking talk to your kids and be HONEST, that you are in a difficult time, but always remind him/her that things will get better.

Children can easily understand the situation.  Why not celebrate Mother's Day with a NO HOUSEHOLD CHORES, a day with NO LAUNDRY, or something that makes you feel pamper.  Or if your kids like shopping or if your kids are grown up you can go watch movie with them or go to a beauty parlor(it's our day after all).

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Just because you're a single mom doesn't mean you have to do all by yourself.  Set reasonable limits.  Again, this might seem like work and something that you shouldn't have to do but taking time with your children  will be a learning valuable lesson to honor people they love not just for Mother's Day but for all occasions.

For me, as a single mom is not only manageable task but an incredible gift that allows me to shape my two daughters into a wonderful human being.  I always think positive.  I always keep my sense of humor when dealing with everyday challenges.


And celebrating Mother's Day as a single mom is a life learning process.  The beginning of becoming a role-model for my two grown up girls.  To show them the way to live life with a positive outlook.



  1. I am raised by a loving single mom as well. So proud of women like you. Happy Mothers Day :-)

  2. Cheers to you, sis, my fellow single mom :). Yes, we deserve no less than to be treated in a special way today- and every single day. Have a great mother's day :)

    My daughter and I are having a fabulous staycation at home :).

    1. Same to you sis Pepper. Same with us staycation indeed.


  3. I salute single mom and OFW mom they have the most stressful profession though a fulfilling job of raising wonderful kids all alone.
    The love and joy of watching how the kids grew year by year gain them strength and inspired to work hard aiming to provide what they think is best of their kids.

    Happy Mother’s Day

  4. SALUTE! Happy mothers Day po!Saludo ko sa lahat ng moms specially those single mommies "))

  5. If being a mother is the noblest role in the world... being a SINGLE MOM is even more challenging and I want to applaud you for that. You're such an optimistic mother and a hard-working one... A very strong-willed woman who'll never let anything get in the way in pursuing your plans.

  6. Mother's Day is for every woman, whether married or single, who has or is taking responsibility for a child, whether biological or not.

  7. Happy mom's day! I have a close friend who is also a single mom and I admire her much for her strength in raising her child alone.

  8. Oh I didn't know you're a single mom. Well, being a mom is a difficult challenge indeed. You have to face everyday struggles to raise your daughters well. And added to this is living without a partner. Your children must love you very much and you deserve it. :)

  9. I admire single moms.
    They are very much dedicated and loving.

  10. Happy Mothers Day Pal! Single Moms are far better than Super Moms.

  11. I admire the courage of single moms.
    You made a great job raising your kids.

  12. Hi Ms pal Raine, Happy Mother's day to you. You're kids are wonderful and look very well raised. Keep the spirit positivism. It is contagious. <3 <3

  13. I guess my comment was not posted. Happy mother's day! Keep the spirit of positivism.It can be very contagious. <3 <3 <3