There are many free photo editing programs, some programs offer powerful editing tools and software that made to be downloaded, some helps you organize your photo.  But there are just enough basic editing tools that are free to use.  One of these that I love to use now is the PICMONKEY, this is the answer for the closure of PICNIK.

PICMONKEY is the free online photo editor that will you will surely love to use whatever your heart desires.  With their fast engine that lets you perform basic editing, like crop, rotate, and resize photos.  This is good for all bloggers like me because aside from resizing your images you can enhance it using their amazing effects,overlays, fonts, textures, frames, etc....

I use this since I start blogging, that time all features are FREE to USE.  Now some of its features are already PREMIUM or ROYALE (you need to pay for it).


There are a lot of things to do here in PICMONKEY.  Where to get it?
  1. PICMONKEY is available in FACEBOOK APPS.  Check here.
  2. You can get PICMONKEY EXTENSION for Chrome(this is where I use my editing).  Check it here.
  3. Get inspiration from their PINTEREST Board.
  4. Then check out their BLOG for more features and new ideas.

Then click around, discover what PICMONKEY can do for you.  And beware it's a CHEEKY WAY to promote your images.  Once you start it you're going to be hooked forever.

Be creative.  Be original.


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