Durian shake, Durian Cake, Durian Roll, Durian Ice Cream.   What else? DURIAN DONUT? Hmmmm...why not!

I was inside the mall and someone give this brochure to me.  WOW! this is great, I can eat durian in a donut.  So we went to Go Nuts Donuts(read story here).

Good location because it's near the Grocery Section.  Place is cozy small and convenient. Well this is a right place for a quick sip of coffee and eat sweets at the same time.

Added here is their famous glazed donut
filled with irresistible sweet and creamy durian goodness

DURIAN DONUTS.  Another first from Go Nuts Donuts, they are also responsible of the famous Go Nuts Pizza that looks like a donut, but 100% Pizza.

Durian Donuts is their latest treat for all Davaoenos, available only here in Davao branches.

Go ahead. Give in.  We know you want to.

Go Nuts Donut is located at Abreeza Davao Mall and Gaisano Mall of Davao.


  1. The Durian Donuts looks really interesting and a great flavor. Great move by Gonuts Donuts.

  2. Wow, Davao na Davao ang dating. I do hope a lot will like this new Durian Donut just like we Davaoenos loves Durian =)

  3. I am not a fan of durian but this one might be an exception when I get to taste one on gonuts Donuts :)

  4. WhaH, I need to try this one!!! Yummy tiyak ito.