Craving for MOSHI MANJU

Probably everyone knows about MOSHI MANJU.  Well for those of you haven't heard it or eat it, MOSHI MANJU is a freshly baked KOREAN CAKES.

Little cakes that have delicious filling, the likes of Chocolate, Dulce de Leche and Mocha.

 Good for sharing (depending on how hungry you are)  :)
Good for snacks and nice for desserts.  Just be careful because once you eat this you will be addicted; you won't notice you have eaten a lot from it.

And also it is very affordable too.  Prices ranging from: 
PHP 16/ 4 pcs             
PHP 30/ 8 pcs             
PHP 55/ 16 pcs             
PHP 85/ 24 pcs


  1. Bat ganun? Kung mas marami yung bibilhin mo, mas mahal? Hahaha. Diba dapat parang discounted na eh marami yung binili mi h. Weird.