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A courage strains after the corpse.

Blogging has become a new international pastime. It is a way to keep up with family and friends, share your opinion with others and make a difference in the global community. 

Also, your blog can become a way to supplement or create a major stream of financial support for you.

Well, the first thing you have to have to make money this way is a blog. Blogs were first of all online journals. They still are because you post articles most days of the week and they are kept in reverse chronological order. But, blogging is now so much more.

Including advertisements on your blog is the most obvious way to derive an income from your blogging efforts. Ads can come in the form of text links or banner ads, and advertising options are available that you can easily tap into through pay-per-click, pay-per-post and affiliate programs online. Google AdsenseAmazon AssociateseBay Affiliates and Pay-Per-Post are just a few of the most common advertising programs available to blogger.

Many bloggers add a donation button to their blogs asking readers to make a monetary donation to keep the blog alive. Donations are also solicited with clever taglines such as, "If you like this blog, why not buy me a cup of coffee?" The donation link leads the reader to another website such as PayPal where the individual can easily make their donation.

Another simple way to monetize your blog is by selling merchandise through a service such as CafePress who will work with you to create custom items for you to sell through your blog.

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