Celebrating FATHER'S DAY does not mean we have to celebrate it with the so-called father literally.  Why not spend the day with YOU and your KIDS ALONE.  For sure, being a single parents you are doing both statuses.



Father and Mother...Hey, that's ME!  For almost 7 years we've been together celebrating FATHER'S DAY JUST THE THREE OF US

It's so hard to be a single parent if your kids doesn't understand your situation.  I am so blessed that God gave me two wonderful daughters who really and easily understand what's going on.  Though I still have to explain to them the facts about the separation, I haven't heard from them negative reactions.  

I love my kids so much....they've grown up so fast and as they grow and have their own decisions in life I am still on their side to guide them thoroughly. They are my happiness and my inspiration, as I am striving hard to give them the best of both worlds can offer.

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