Summer is ended.  Parents are busy preparing for school now.   Buying school supplies, shoes, socks, bags, and new school uniform.  Exciting?  Yes it is but a little of daunting for both parents and children.  Back to school gives you shopping headaches.  

It's time to open our wallet again.  Easy for us to say, but don't leave buying school supplies to the last minute.  It really damage our pockets.  BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET....that is the right word for that.


Summer holidays usually fly past and before we know it, the annual rush to buy all the things needed for school begun.  

How do I prepare for that?  

  1. Always try to buy school uniform early.  But if the old uniform still fits for them make use the old one in order to save money.  Just make it new and clean by washing it properly.  Just a tip: washing white polo uniform use warm water and suka(vinegar) you will see the result, white will be more whiter.
  2. Know what you need.  List all the things needed by your kids.  You can get list from their teacher adviser.  Items you need to pick up includes backpacks, binders, and addition to the regular assortment of pen, pencils, crayons, glue, and scissors.  How many notebooks are needed and also the leaves of pages of the notebook.  Some teachers requires 80-90 leaves.  
  3. Label everything.   Make sure the school supplies of your kids are organize.  Put name on it in order for them to know their own things.  I am pretty sure during school days things are easily left on the bus, inside the room or library, lost in playing, etc...
  4. Health.  Wonder health is included on my preparation well healthy kids perform well better in school.  A child lack of focus at school can impact his potential to learn and achieve good grades. 

As of now I am gradually moving my kids bedtimes up.  My kids have been staying up extra late this summer, and I am teaching them now to sleep early and wake up early so that it is easier for me when school begins, and it will help me relieve the back-to-school jitters and insomnia.   

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