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Before the Election proper, all COMELEC-BEI's are requested to apply for a LAND BANK CASH CARD for FREE.

All we need is to submit LAND BANK CASH CARD FORM and two(2)xerox copy of two(2) valid ID's with three 
specimens indicated below.


It's not a DEPOSIT ACCOUNT. The Cash Card is a special product for institutional clients like us, COMELEC-BEI's. 

I read for a fact that this is also use for the PPPP or Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, which they can withdraw P500-P1500. Wow!  That's cool!

You can use this card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through LANDBANK Branches nationwide.

Normally, you can apply it by visiting your LANDBANK branches.  You need to bring:

You cannot use this to verify PayPal, but you can use it if you withdraw your PayPal funds and after your PayPal account was verified.

For more info just visit LANDBANK PHILIPPINES


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  1. Before the Election proper, all finances COMELEC-BEI's are requested to apply for a LAND BANK CASH CARD for FREE.


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